CDP Reporting Services  

Elevate your ESG profile through CDP disclosure.

Make CDP Reporting an Easy Lift.  

Investor demand for disclosure through the CDP reporting framework is growing. But many organizations lack the expertise and tools to perform CDP’s scenario-based analyses without disrupting everyday operations. Partnering with Sphera’s sustainability experts eases the burden of CDP reporting and will also help optimize your CDP scoring. Whether youre developing your first submission or seeking to improve your current CDP report, we can guide you through the process.  

Expertise Improves
Your CDP Score.

Enhance your overall CDP score by working with Sphera to review your latest climate change, forestry and water security responses against the CDP guidelines.   

You can also significantly improve your qualitative response to the CDP questionnaire by drawing on Sphera’s experience and expertise in applying CDP methodology. 

Accurate Baselines for
Robust Disclosure.

Prepare your CDP response based on data-driven insights and accurate greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting. Calculate your Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCP) using industry-accepted standards. Additionally, Sphera’s Product Sustainability (GaBi) Software will help you generate insights into emissions hotspots throughout the life cycle of your products — enabling you to continuously improve your results.

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Digitalization Creates
New Efficiencies.

Siloed, unintegrated data can make CDP reporting difficult and compromise accuracy. With Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability Software, data collection and sustainability reporting become much more efficient: Accurate data submission can be achieved at the touch of a button.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Benefit from the unique combination of software, data and expertise to meet all your sustainability and ESG needs. 

Decarbonization Roadmap Toward Net Zero

Improve your ESG performance by understanding decarbonization, tackling your value chain (Scope 3) impacts and advancing toward a net-zero emissions target.

SBTi Net-Zero Standard Consulting

Reduce risks and enhance your ESG rating by setting a net-zero target in line with the SBTi Net-Zero Standard.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Calculate the size of your company’s carbon footprint and report it where required.

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