CDP Reporting

We offer support and advice for preparing Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) submissions.

A Proven and Efficient Approach to CDP Reporting

Whether you are undertaking your first CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) submission or improving your existing CDP report, Sphera can guide you through the process and help you excel. Our two-phased approach is used by the world’s leading companies to ease the burden of CDP reporting.

Article | 5 Steps to Successful Corporate Carbon Footprint and CDP Reporting

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CDP Reporting Service Will Help You:

  • Review your latest investor, supplier, water or forests response against CDP guidance, with the aim of identifying ways to improve your organization’s overall scoring.
  • Prepare your current CDP response, using your already quantified GHG emissions.
  • Quantify your corporate emissions using industry accepted standards. You can also use our very own LCA tool, a Product Sustainability Software, to quantify your emissions.
  • Thoroughly review your CDP response, highlighting areas where you can improve and enhance your overall score.
  • Make data management and sustainability reporting more efficient and submit data at the touch of a button with our Corporate Sustainability Software.

One-Stop Shopping for All Your Sustainability Needs

Sustainability Data

Up-to-date industry-specific datasets used as a foundation for all calculations.

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Corporate Sustainability Software

Simplify and streamline organizational sustainability reporting and management

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Product Sustainability Software

Understand, optimize and communicate your product sustainability performance.

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