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Sphera Acquires SupplyShift,
a Pioneer in Supply Chain Sustainability Software

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Solve Your Unique ESG Challenges

A solution tailored to your needs, addressing industry-specific, geography and supply chain complexities

Navigate complex global supply chains and evolving regulations with ease. Enhance visibility, collaborate with suppliers to drive improvement and gain quick access to data. These capabilities enable you to make decisions that champion sustainable procurement.

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Enhance supply chain transparency and drive sustainable procurement practices.

Connect buyers and suppliers in one unified platform that enables responsible sourcing and emissions tracking, sharpens ESG risk detection and elevates sustainability reporting.

Climate Change Impact

For every stage of your supply chain Scope 3 journey, Sphera has you covered. From automated maturity assessments to product carbon footprints, including upstream supplier data mapping and performance tracking tools, Sphera enables you to effectively manage and reduce supply chain Scope 3 emissions.


The European Union’s CSRD is transforming corporate responsibility, placing transparency at the forefront of modern business strategies. Sphera equips you with the essential tools and insights to not just comply but implement a strategy to propel your sustainability objectives forward.


Sphera helps companies create full transparency into your supply chain – whether for timber & pulp, palm, soy, beef, coffee, or rubber – allowing you to track the right data, understand policy compliance, trace products to the source, and work with risky suppliers to mitigate impact.


Sphera provides businesses the tools and insights you need to understand their suppliers’ diversity commitments and build more inclusive supply chains.

ESG Investing

Sphera provides a comprehensive assessment platform that allows investors to engage with portfolio companies in an automated and effective way to provide the metrics needed for reporting and tracking improvement.

Human Rights

Sphera is a powerful transparency and risk management platform that helps companies comply with human rights laws, identify and manage risk, and improve supplier social sustainability at scale.


Sphera gives businesses visibility into their suppliers’ use of plastics so they can uphold their commitments, meet legislative requirements, identify next generation materials, and more.


The EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) will require businesses to demonstrate that their products are deforestation-free to sell goods within the European Union. For over a decade, Sphera has been working with businesses to navigate the complexities of supply chain origins and deforestation risks, helping them meet their deforestation-free goals for palm, soy, beef, and timber.

Why Companies Value Sphera

Find out why industry leaders choose Sphera Supply Chain Sustainability.

Engage Your Suppliers

Turn your suppliers into strategic sustainability partners. Take advantage of our deep insights into the supplier perspective for effective collaboration, emissions tracking, risk identification and performance enhancement. Get set up to collaborate with your suppliers in as little as two hours.

Unlock the Power of N-Tier Visibility

Know what’s happening in every tier of your supply chain using one centralized database. Get access to the real information you need, aided by suppliers’ ability to re-share the data they provide.

Leverage Your Existing Data

Gain a more complete and holistic view of your supply chain through seamless integration with your current data sources, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other platforms.

Transform Insights into Action

Make informed decisions that yield tangible results and elevate your sustainability performance. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize your sustainability programs and drive measurable progress toward your goals.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Experience the Transformative Power of Supply Chain Sustainability.

Unlock Key Supplier Data

Discover and capture vital ESG data across every tier of your supply chain using our expert-built assessments. Protect profit margins, minimize disruptions and enable data-driven decision-making.

Scale Your Global Supplier Data Network

Enhance visibility across your supply chain and scale it effortlessly. Reduce supplier survey fatigue, get faster access to data, and gain comprehensive insights into every tier of your supply chain.

Gain Deep Insights from Expert-Built Assessments

Capture vital supplier ESG data using our 20+ expertly designed assessment frameworks, which can also be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Unlock a comprehensive view of your supply chain with data at the supplier, facility and product level.

Maximize Visibility and Mitigate Risk

Equip your organization with actionable insights for proactive risk management and compliance adherence. Streamline your reporting process with enhanced transparency and efficiency.

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

Large and small businesses trust Supply Chain Sustainability to optimize their supply chain risk management.

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Sphera Acquires SupplyShift

Sphera has acquired SupplyShift, a supply chain sustainability software company that empowers businesses to build transparent, responsible and resilient supply chains.

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