LCA For Packaging

Meet today’s demand for more sustainable packaging.

Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your
Product Packaging

Regulators and consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging, and Sphera’s LCA for Packaging can help you meet these demands. Combined with our consulting services and data, our packaging calculator allows you to evaluate and understand the environmental impact of your existing packaging, so you can efficiently develop packaging that meets higher standards for today’s marketplace.

Sustainable GaBi Packaging Calculator

Identify Your Most Sustainable
Packaging Options

Calculate the circularity of packaging, compare the environmental impact of different design scenarios and model the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with our LCA for Packaging and LCA Calculator. The information—based on the latest science—helps you identify the most sustainable packaging options available.

Make Sense of Sustainability Metrics and Information

Sustainability experts and novices can navigate the jungle of sustainability metrics with science-based information giving you the ability to evaluate your options by simulating the environmental impact of packaging alternatives.

Sustainable GaBi Packaging Calculator

Optimize Your Material
and Manufacturing Decisions

Make informed material and manufacturing decisions using environmental packaging data and automated reports. Sphera’s Sustainable Packaging Calculator provides robust environmental information to power your packaging decisions.

Explore Other Product Sustainability Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Managed LCA Content Search

Access Sphera’s comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases with over 15,000 annually updated datasets.

Life Cycle Assessment Database

Updated, reliable and consistent environmental data.

Software for Sustainable Product Design

Design with sustainability in mind.

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