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Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Product Packaging

Packaging is under intense scrutiny by both regulators and buyers as they consider recycling, recycled content and ecologically conscious designs.

Sustainability leaders need the right tools to evaluate and understand the environmental impact of their packaging so they can meet consumer and regulatory demands. Sphera’s industry-leading packaging calculators, consulting services and data can simplify your sustainability packaging projects.

Life Cycle Assessment Software for sustainability in packaging

GaBi Packaging Calculator and GaBi Packaging Calculator Plus Help You

  • Model the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and calculate the circularity of packaging
  • Compare the environmental impact of different design scenarios
  • Use science-based information to identify the most sustainable packaging alternative

Meet the Demand for More Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

Drive Your Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability experts and novices can navigate the jungle of sustainability metrics with science-based information.

Evaluate Your Options

Simulate the environmental impact of packaging alternatives.

Validate Your Results

Instant environmental results with explanations based on robust environmental packaging data.

Power Your Decisions

Use automated reports to make informed material and manufacturing decisions.

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Packaging Calculator Updates

In this video, we demonstrate the recent updates to the Packaging Calculator.

Packaging Calculator Updates

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