Sustainability Performance Improvement

Improve the environmental performance of your products and operations.

Advance Your Sustainability Performance

In an ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, companies need to quickly assess the environmental impact of their products and operations, identify hotspots and take action for improvement. Under pressure from customers and investors, they have to prove their sustainability claims. At this point, such companies need robust industry-based data, trustworthy assessment methods and tools and deep consulting insights.

Enhance Innovation and Gain Competitive Advantages by Identifying and Improving Environmental Hotspots

With our expert guidance on sustainability performance improvement, you can assess the current and future sustainability of your product designs, your operations and your overall plan for a more sustainability business. Using industry-specific data and leading software tools we help you improve the sustainability performance of your products and operations, reducing their negative impacts on the environment while boosting efficiencies and your position in the competitive marketplace.

Establish an Iterative Process

Establishing a workflow of continuous sustainability performance improvement that will spread throughout your organization and continue for decades to come.

Drive Innovation

Drive product development and innovation by analyzing your current status and benchmarking against other technologies and the competition.

Reduce Risk

Determine and mitigate environmental risks for existing products and services and future developments at an early stage. Understand the relevance of each step of the life cycle and identify the most efficient measures for improvement.

Create Transparency

Underpin your environmental claims with accurate data, trusted methodologies and verifiable results. Show your shareholders and stakeholders that your sustainability initiatives adhere to scientific standards for your industry.

Improve the Environmental Performance of Your Business with Our Range of Consulting Services:

Our consultants adapt to your current situation and guide you into sustainability performance improvement in a way that makes the most sense for your business objectives. Whether you wish to outsource your sustainability, receive in-house training or establish a sustainability team, we adjust to your needs as they are right now. Here is an overview of some of our offerings:

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

See the bigger picture through holistic analysis and improve your understanding of the environmental impact of your products.

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Value Chain (Scope 3) Carbon Accounting

We offer data, software and consulting to help you in analyzing and managing your carbon emissions across the entire value chain (Scope 3). When you know your carbon footprint, you know how relevant your own and scope 3 emissions are. So you can take steps to improve where you need to the most.

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System Integration Consulting

Put the processes in place for adding value through sustainability.

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Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

Whether it’s carbon, water or land, we can help you calculate the size of your company’s footprint and report it as required.

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Supply Chain Management

We enable you to develop a strategy for assessing and managing the environmental and social impacts in your supply chain.

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Environmental Management System (EMS) Consulting

We help you implement and maintain an EMS according to EMAS/ISO 14001.

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Circular Economy Consulting

Circular Economy aims to keep products and materials in use for longer, improving the productivity of such resources. We can help you decouple your company’s growth from the consumption of finite resources that may exist in your products.

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Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA)

Do you know the potential of your product portfolio to accelerate sales, reduce risk and capture market opportunities? Assessing the entirety of your portfolio allows you to determine which products have the most potential and which products need to change.

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The Power of Life Cycle Assessment

There is more demand than ever for companies to provide information on the environmental impact of their products and services.

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Innovate Toward a Sustainable Future with Our Sustainability Performance Improvement Services

  • Product and corporate sustainability consulting services
  • Trusted experts who guide you through the improvement process
  • Foundation for transparent communication of your sustainability performance
  • Ad-hoc configuration and technical support
Sustainability Performance Improvement

The world’s best-known brands depend on us.

Flexible Consulting Options to Meet Your Business Goals

Whether you just started to evaluate the sustainability performance of your business or are already in an advanced stage of the improvement process, we remain flexible to your needs by providing you with:

  • Up-to-date datasets used as a foundation for all calculations
  • Access to software tools that enable the benchmarking and improvement process
  • Expert consultants who help you achieve your sustainability goals
Sustainability Performance Improvement

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