Supply Chain Management Consulting

Manage the environmental impacts of your supply chain.

Your Supply Chain Is a Key Part of Your Sustainability Strategy

Develop a strategy for assessing and managing the environmental and social impacts in your supply chain. Direct your supply chain management strategy with Corporate Sustainability Software, a secure enterprise platform for the sustainability assessment, ranking and reporting of suppliers.

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Carbon Neutrality Announcements and Implications for the Supply Chain

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Our Supply Chain Management Consulting Will Help You:

  • Identify
    • Hotspots
    • Business opportunities
    • Impacts on sustainability performance
  • Develop a
  • Create a
    • Software-based solution
    • Scope 3 footprint
    • 3rd party logistics approach
  • Succeed by
    • Monitoring, assessing and communicating with suppliers
    • Improving your indirect sustainability impact”

Top Benefits of Our Supply Chain Management Consulting:

Reduce Risk

Identify potential risks in the supply chain early on, and manage those risks on an ongoing basis.

Identify Business Opportunities

Spot opportunities for collaboration and innovation by working closely with suppliers to reduce procurement costs and increase revenue.

Increase Efficiency

Save time in management processes and through increased consistency, accuracy and efficiency of data collection.


Monitor, assess and communicate with suppliers. Improve your indirect sustainability impact.

One-Stop Shopping for All Your Sustainability Needs

Sustainability Data

Up-to-date industry-specific datasets used as a foundation for all calculations.

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Corporate Sustainability Software

Simplify and streamline organizational sustainability reporting and management

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Product Sustainability Software

Understand, optimize and communicate your product sustainability performance.

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Carbon Neutrality Announcements and Implications for the Supply ChainOn-Demand WebinarzSupply Chain
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Carbon Neutrality Announcements and Implications for the Supply Chain

By showing the requirements for serious carbon neutrality announcements, this webinar highlights the need for…

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

See the bigger picture of the environmental impact of your products.

Corporate Environmental Footprint

Calculate the size of your company’s footprint and report it where required.

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