Supply Chain Management Consulting

Reduce ESG risks by quantifying and efficiently managing the environmental impacts of your supply chain.

Get the Supply Chain Information You Need for a Successful Net-Zero Strategy

Supply chain optimization plays a central role in any company’s path to sustainable value creation. But it is often the supply chains that pose the greatest risk and contribute the most to the overall environmental impact. This is why efficient management and reduction of emissions in the supply chain (Scope 3 Category 1: purchased goods and services) are crucial for a sound decarbonization strategy.

Complex purchasing lists, a lack of reliable emissions data and a shortage of internal capacity and knowledge make it difficult for companies to understand their supply chain impacts and gain data to drive required reductions. Sphera’s sustainability consultants can help your organization close these gaps by providing deep methodological and sector expertise, along with industry-specific emissions factors.

Supply Chain Management Consulting

Quantify the Real Impact of Your Supply Chain

A detailed study of your purchased goods and services provides you with data-driven insights into your supply chain. Sphera offers specific methodologies to analyze your purchasing volumes and quantify your supply chain emissions on a material basis. Automated mapping of emission factors matched to purchasing volumes creates focus and significantly accelerates decarbonization efforts.

Reveal the Emissions Reduction Potential of Your Supply Chain

Successful supply chain decarbonization relies on quantifying the reduction potential on a detailed, physical and scientific basis. This will help your company accurately design and advance your net-zero strategy. Sphera’s sustainability consultants have deep, multi-sector expertise to support your organization. We analyze emissions hotspots within your supply chain and identify alternative emission reduction pathways. To achieve actual reductions, Sphera’s experts help your organization collect primary supply chain data from hotspot suppliers, compare their emissions to industry averages and set supplier-specific reduction targets.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Consulting

Increase the Efficiency of Your Supply Chain Management with Data and Tools

To identify and address emission hotspots in the supply chain, calculations should be based on physical attributes such as weight, size, number of pieces, etc. These data points then need to be linked to high-quality material-level emission factors, such as Sphera’s LCA databases. Our databases provide annually updated, real industry data, selected by sector- and material-specific sustainability experts. And SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software helps your company manage and benchmark your supply chain data.

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