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Embed Circular Economy Principles into the Core of Your Operations  

The climate crisis, natural resource depletion, waste pollution and other environmental issues are forcing companies to become more efficient and use resources in a sustainable way. To comply with regulations such as the EU’s new Circular Economy Action Plan and pursue sustainable innovation, companies need to reframe and adapt their business models according to circular economy principles of “reuse, repair and recycle.” Sphera’s sustainability consultants provide solutions to assess, evaluate and identify improvement potential for the sustainability performance of your products in the context of a circular economy.

Establish a Business Case for Circular Economy

The transition from a linear to a circular business model can be daunting. The costs and environmental impacts of circular solutions are often difficult to assess and compare with those of traditional take-make-waste products or technologies. The biggest challenge for companies is finding reliable, data-driven proof points for profitable circular alternatives. Sphera’s experts can help you close the loop in your business model and build a business case for the circular economy using our 6-step approach to the circular economy.

Introduce Life Cycle Assessment for Robust Results

To make a real difference, circular alternatives must offer more environmental benefits compared to traditional linear products or technologies. A proven, trusted and globally standardized method for analyzing and evaluating products and processes in terms of their environmental impact is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). However, applying LCA to closed-loop systems can be fraught with challenges and methodological questions. Sphera’s sustainability consultants have more than 30 years of experience in conducting LCAs with leading companies and institutions in all industries. Based on this expertise, we can help you overcome methodological difficulties and generate LCA results that show a true picture of the environmental performance of your closed-loop products. For example, our consultants can provide “what if” scenarios and simulation of design aspects to support decision making.

Circular Economy Consulting Services
Circular Economy Consulting Services

Close the Loop in Your ESG Strategy

Along with the transition to renewable energy sources, the circular economy is an essential component of the transformation toward net zero. Integrating circular economy concepts into a broader ESG strategy helps companies determine how to improve their sustainability performance over the long term. Sphera’s sustainability experts can help you incorporate the circular economy into your ESG strategy and guide your transformation by assessing readiness, identifying business benefits and quantifying the actual impact of circular solutions and technologies.

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