Corporate Environmental Footprint

Calculate the size of your company’s environmental footprint and report it where required.

Guiding Your Calculations and Reporting

Receive a calculation of your corporate carbon footprint, water footprint or land-use footprint, as well as guidance in reporting, aligned with relevant standards.

Insights| What is an Environmental Footprint?

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Our Corporate Environmental Footprint Consulting Services Will Help You:

  • Check relevance of company activities in terms of carbon/water/land use performance
  • Collect data efficiently through our Corporate Sustainability Software and calculate the footprint, while identifying hotspots and developing appropriate KPIs
  • Recommend effective measures to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Top Benefits of Our Corporate Enviromental Footprint Consulting Service:

Better View of Your Company’s Performance

Gain a clear picture of your baseline performance and where your more significant impacts occur in the value chain.

Competitive Advantage

Achieve advantages over competitors by prioritizing measures and demonstrating improvements based on feedback after you’ve implemented changes.

Increased Efficiency

A more effective method for performance management, improved consistency, accuracy and efficiency in data management and enhanced abilities to consolidate efforts on Environmental Footprint reporting.

One-Stop Shopping for All Your Sustainability Needs

Sustainability Data

Up-to-date industry-specific datasets used as a foundation for all calculations.

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Corporate Sustainability Software

Simplify and streamline organizational sustainability reporting and management

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Product Sustainability Software

Understand, optimize and communicate your product sustainability performance.

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Learn about other Performance Improvement Modules

Supply Chain Management

Your supply chain says a lot about you and is a key part of your sustainability strategy.

Circular Economy

Let us help you pave the way toward contributing to a circular economy.

Environmental Management System

Implement and maintain an EMS according to EMAS/ISO 14001.

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