Scope 3 – Value Chain Carbon Accounting

Manage your Scope 3 emissions

Analyze and Manage Your Carbon Emissions Across the Entire Value Chain

When you know your carbon footprint, you know how relevant your own and scope 3 emissions are, so you can make data-driven decisions and improve where it is needed the most. Scope 3 emissions make up about 80% of most companies’ emissions.

Some of the 15 scope 3 categories, like business travel and employee commuting, are easier to quantify than others (e.g., use of sold products, purchased goods and services), and not all 15 categories are relevant for every company.

Top Benefits of Our Scope 3 – Value Chain Carbon Accounting Services:

Identify Scope 3 Categories

Identify scope 3 categories relevant to your business so you can focus your data collection efforts accordingly.

Quantify Scope 3

Quantify scope 3 with reliable data from relevant categories and the GaBi Software. Calculate impacts, such as for your purchased goods and services, based on the volume you purchase.

Develop GHG Targets

Develop your greenhouse gas reduction targets and have the Science Based Targets initiative verify them by obtaining a complete carbon footprint. Calculate a science-based target using SBTi methodologies and define how to reach your carbon reduction goals.

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