Value Chain (Scope 3) Carbon Accounting Services 

Take control of your Scope 3 emissions to optimize your ESG performance 

Turn Scope 3 Accounting Challenges into Decarbonization Opportunities 

Value chain emissions (Scope 3) can account for up to 80% of a company’s overall environmental impact and play a critical role in a sound, science-based decarbonization strategy to achieve net zero. When calculated at a high level based on financial data, Scope 3 carbon accounting does not accurately reflect the emissions of a company’s value chain. 

To obtain meaningful and actionable data for Scope 3 quantification and reduction, calculations must be based on physical quantities and industry-specific emission factors. With Sphera’s sustainability consultants, you’ll have an experienced partner to guide you through Scope 3 assessment and quantification driven by methodological expertise and real-world emissions data. We’ll provide you with science-backed insights to translate your most ambitious emissions reduction goals into efficient, effective action. 

Identify Scope 3 Categories Where Improvement Matters Most 

Not all of the 15 Scope 3 emissions categories are relevant to every company, and the process of assessing all of them can be complex and time-consuming. An initial Scope 3 screening provides an overview of your value chain emissions and helps identify potential hotspots for deeper analysis. Sphera’s sustainability consultants guide you through emissions screening along your company’s value chain and assist in identifying Scope 3 categories that are most relevant for your business. 

Measure, Then Manage    

To achieve improvements, you need to first determine your baseline.  Because Scope 3 emissions are not under your company’s direct control, they can be difficult to measure. Sphera’s sustainability experts conduct detailed Scope 3 studies for all relevant categories and provide data-driven insights into your value chain.  We help you quantify your emissions on a material basis, using primary emissions data from Sphera’s Scope 3 database, as well as establish a foundation for a fact-based and actionable Scope 3 reduction strategy. 

Monitor Progress Through a Carbon Management and Accounting System 

Scope 3 quantification and reduction isnt a one-time exercise, but an ongoing process that will become mandatory under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the climate-related disclosure requirements from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software helps your organization streamline and standardize annual collection, calculation and reporting of Scope 3 data, while continuously tracking progress against reduction targets.  

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