Operational Risk Management Software & Services

Make better-informed decisions to help reduce costs and risk and improve productivity overall.

Gain Deep Insight, Work Collaboratively and Drive Operational Excellence

Operators with digital vision are innovating at scale and demanding solutions that can help them keep pace. They are looking for simplified, standardized processes and improved visibility to establish an environment of collaboration, streamlined operations and a dynamic, accurate understanding of plant conditions. The goal? To receive insight into the operational risks occurring now and those that could be on the horizon so to make better decisions that keep operations safe and productive.

Operational Risk Management (ORM) is the new differentiator. Digitally transforming and integrating ORM strategies, processes and tools provides plant leaders with intelligence to navigate risks, maintain governance and controls, and drive continuous performance improvements.

The power of effective, integrated Operational Risk Management:

increase of frontline efficiency
decrease of inventory
reduce of incidents and injuries
reduce of compliance-related costs
reduce of asset downtime

Industry-leading Operational Risk Management Software and Services

Our Operational Risk Management enables operators to establish a unified strategy for their control of work, risk assessment and master data management processes.

  • Keep assets safe and productive with software and services to improve how critical data is structured and managed
  • Predict risk and proactively manage operations with advanced analytics that transforms data into insights
  • Ensure compliance with access to intelligent, application-ready data, content and workflows
  • Report on performance and ensure continuous improvement

Our Operational Risk Management Software is consistently recognized by prominent analyst and media properties.








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Advanced Risk Assessment

Transform your risk assessment from reactive to proactive. Our rich framework standardizes and records risk assessment data.

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Control of Work

Access the industry’s first integrated, real-time view of asset and operational conditions. Simulate with digital twin technology how workload and risk interact.

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Master Data Management

Globally structure, visualize and manage data for better procurement and supply chain decisions. Improve your ability to make timely, quality decisions on MRO spare parts inventory and services.

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What Is Operational Risk Management?

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