By Sphera’s Editorial Team | October 20, 2022

The Current State of Process Safety
and Operational Risk Management

Risk management has always been a fundamental component of business operations, particularly where it concerns the safety of employees, customers and the communities in which businesses operate. And the growing focus on ESG reporting requirements and performance has further elevated the role of effective process safety management (PSM) and operational risk management (ORM).

of respondents report a gap between their company’s process safety goals and process safety as they experience it. And in a typical month, 33% of scheduled safety-critical maintenance is not achieved.
of respondents believe that technology helps or has the potential to help enable effective process safety and operational risk management, but only 11% make full use of the technology solutions available for compliance and improved, predictive decision making.
of respondents say that process safety management fits into their ESG program.
2022 Safety Report

In years past, we have witnessed the influence of internal and external factors, including global events and macroeconomic trends, and this year is no exception. While the impact of COVID-19 is receding, the COVID-fueled “Great Resignation” is leaving its mark. The repercussions of this loss of knowledge and experience are seen clearly in the survey results that make up our 2022 Safety Report.    

Our report shares findings from our survey of 280 PSM and ORM professionals. Respondents represent all corners of the globe and more than 15 different industry segments, including Oil and Gas, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Manufacturing and Metals and Mining.  

Download our report to learn more about important trends and developments in process safety and operational risk management.