Materiality Assessment

Prioritize the most relevant topics and impacts.

Scope Out the Potential for Sustainability Initiatives in Your Organization

Every business is unique, which is why materiality assessment is so valuable in focusing on the economic, environmental and social impacts that are most significant to your company.

Materiality Assessment Will Help You:

  • Taking into account prominent stakeholder concerns and helping you develop a sustainability strategy that fits your business prioritizing the most relevant topics and impacts.
  • Targeting stakeholders by leveraging the expertise of consultants who have developed the materiality assessment in association with the world’s leading companies.

Fully compliant with the principles within GRI Standards Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, the materiality assessment includes broad consideration of societal trends as defined by the Sector Disclosures and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Top Benefits of Our Materiality Assessment Consulting Services:

Spot Risks and Opportunities

Identify the issues that may have a material impact on revenues, brand reputation, operational efficiency and compliance and make better decisions toward a greater return on investment.

Engage with Stakeholders

Use the opportunity to proactively respond to stakeholder concerns and align your activities with stakeholder needs and expectations.

Increase the Value of Sustainability

By identifying the most significant environmental, social, economic and governance issues, you will be able to leverage additional value from sustainability in your organization and products.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce the management overhead by focusing on key issues only – eliminate the time, effort and cost spent on reporting and collecting irrelevant data.

Gain Strategic Focus

The materiality assessment produces meaningful results that enhance your company’s strategic planning, risk management and operational planning processes.

Improve Communication

A more focused approach enables you to produce more relevant reports that will be read and understood by more people, driving greater clarity about your activities internally and externally.

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Sustainability Data

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Corporate Sustainability Software

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Product Sustainability Software

Understand, optimize and communicate your product sustainability performance.

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