Materiality Assessment Services

Focus your strategy and disclosures on ESG topics that matter most.

Save Time, Effort and Cost by Focusing on Key Issues

An accurate Materiality Assessment forms the basis for a successful ESG and sustainability strategy and reporting practice. Materiality analysis guides resources to the issues that are most critical to your internal and external stakeholders, across your organization’s value chain.

With a proven track record in collaboratively assessing materiality for many global organizations, Sphera’s sustainability consultants can quickly and cost-effectively help your company identify the sustainability issues that are crucial to your business and your stakeholders, to start your ESG journey on the right path.

Materiality Assessment

Gain a New Perspective for an Effective ESG Strategy and Impactful Reporting

Materiality Assessments offer an opportunity to proactively respond to stakeholder concerns and align your business activities with stakeholders’ needs and expectations. This focused approach enables you to produce more relevant sustainability reports that will drive greater internal and external understanding and commitment to your ESG strategy and action plan.

To sharpen your ESG focus, Sphera’s sustainability experts help your company select potentially material issues, identify relevant stakeholder groups and draft a stakeholder map.

Recognize and Address Risks and Opportunities Early

A Materiality Assessment helps you identify the issues or expectations that can have a significant impact on your revenue, brand reputation, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance – now and in the future. This knowledge helps you make better decisions to mitigate risk and maximize your return on investments.

Using Sphera’s approach to Materiality Assessment, we help your company identify the key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics that are or could become material to your business and your key stakeholders.

Materiality Assessment
Materiality Assessment

Set a Material Reporting Foundation to Comply with Regulations

A Materiality Assessment is an essential component of credible and transparent ESG and sustainability reporting. It is increasingly common and considered best practice in the context of current and upcoming ESG reporting standards and disclosure regulations (GRI, EU ESG Reporting NFDR, CSRD, SEC).

Sphera’s sustainability experts use the results of the Materiality Assessment to help you identify aspects and indicators relevant for reporting according to key standards.

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