Process Safety Barrier Management Software 

Gain full visibility into the status of your safeguards.

A Dynamic Barrier Model Provides Visibility and Enables Proactive Management

To keep assets operating safely, your teams need up-to-date, accessible information. Sphera’s Process Safety Barrier Management software provides that information, interpreting massive amounts of data to inform you of barrier impairments and enabling quick action when it’s necessary.   

Our solution helps you connect the status of process safety-critical equipment (SCE) sensor data, overdue and planned maintenance and inspection data, MoC, and IoW deviations to their cumulative risk impact. The status of emergency-critical and environmental control systems is also linked to their risk impact.   

Process Safety Barrier Management Software

Maintain Safety with a Holistic View of Your Barriers

Understand the cumulative risk impact of system, sensor and human-derived inputs and act accordingly. Our software automatically brings all these inputs together in a joined-up way so you can communicate valuable risk insights and intelligence throughout the organization

Eliminate Blind Spots

Eliminate data gaps and gain a more comprehensive, real-time view of the health of your process safety barriers. By making Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk exposure more visible across the organization, you enable better planning and proactive management.

Process Safety Barrier Management Software
Process Safety Barrier Management Software

Identify and Resolve Barrier Impairments More Efficiently

Access leading indicators of risk that reflect the operational reality. Then optimize the schedule to reduce risk and increase productivity. Our solution also helps you calculate the potential MAH risk exposure present at the plant and in specific areas of the plant. Sphera’s solution gives everyone the timely information they need to make sound operational decisions.   

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