Emergency Preparedness & Response Software 

Preparedness makes all the difference when your assets are at stake.  

Ensure a Quick, Informed Response to Emergencies

An effective response to an emergency demands agility and to-the-minute information about your operational reality. Sphera’s Emergency Preparedness and Response software lets teams use the same tool to move seamlessly from standard operations to response mode with an understanding of the asset’s risk status, the activity going on and what could impact the emergency response.   

Emergency Preparedness and Response Software

Save Resources and Minimize Downtime

Our software gives your stakeholders a single, shared view of the operational reality for full visibility. Accessible response plan information helps teams assess the situation and respond appropriately. And because every second counts in an emergency, centralized process safety emergency response scenarios allow you to minimize response time  

Respond Confidently with Comprehensive, Accessible Information

There’s no room for doubt when responding to an emergency. Our software provides procedural instructions, relevant information about process parameters, activity details and the status of process safety barriers such as emergency shutdown valves, fire pumps and escape routes. This helps teams make better decisions around risk mitigation, evacuation and material transfer.  

The seamless transfer of data between permits and preparedness systems allows teams to quickly shift to response mode on the same tool.  

Emergency Preparedness and Response Software
Emergency Preparedness and Response Software

Clarify Roles and Improve Decision-Making with a Proactive Approach

Our software helps you plan and conduct emergency drills, analyze the response and implement corrective actions. So, if an emergency occurs, your teams are equipped to react with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities, as well as an enhanced decision-making ability 

Explore Other Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Permit to Work

Shift the management of activities from permits to real-time, system-wide control. Strengthen compliance and the work permission process by integrating information from permits, risk assessments and isolations. Ensure safety with Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures.

Activity Risk Management

Improve the management of interdependent risks with permitted and operational activities through visualization.

Operations Logbook & Shift Handover

Gain insight before a shift, including what happened, current events and predictions for upcoming shift periods.

Process Safety Barrier Management

Use a dynamic process safety barrier model to automatically map all performance deviations, hazardous activities, abnormal conditions, human and sensor-derived inputs. Simulate in real-time the Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk impact of work activities, risks and process safety-critical equipment in each area of your asset.

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