Control of Work for Pipelines 

Improving visibility for increased productivity, better safety and greater policy enforcement.

Improve Operational Performance with an Intelligent, On-the-Go Control of Work Solution.

Sphera’s Control of Work (CoW) for Pipelines helps pipeline operators improve productivity while reducing risk and ensuring higher levels of compliance with internal and external commitments. Pipeline operators gain increased efficiency, greater oversight and stronger communication capabilities, even when their teams are working across distributed and often remote locations. With control to standardize how policy is put into operational practice, operators can keep their people safe and get more of the right things done, safely.   

Control of Work for Pipelines 

Increase Safety on the Pipeline.

Ensure policy is standardized and harmonized consistently across your pipeline operations, even when workers are in the field. Sphera’s Control of Work for Pipelines tightly integrates permit to work, isolations management / Lockout Tagout (LOTO) and task risk assessments / JSAs, so you can better manage safety and operational dependencies. With the ability to proactively manage SIMOPS, operators have a single, shared view of the operational reality, so they know what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening, and what’s ultimately driving the risk. This allows supervisors to make better, more informed decisions about managing productivity against risk.   

Sphera’s CoW for Pipelines offers online / offline capabilities that help you plan, manage, and execute activities in real time, not in permit duration. The additional ability to ensure work is being carried out at the right location can be enabled through Mobile GPS tracking capabilities.  The solution improves efficiency, effectiveness, and adherence to safety standards for your employees and contractors in the field.  

Improve Productivity.

Operationalize the schedule with capabilities to reconcile, prioritize and reschedule potential conflicting demands for a better way to connect planning and maintenance to the reality of operations. Sphera’s standard, out-of-the-box configuration is based on decades of best practices. Combined with standardized permit templates, JSAs and Isolation templates, it provides a baseline to optimize for your specific requirements.  

Sphera’s holistic approach to Control of Work provides pipeline operators with the ability to simplify operations management and risk management and, most importantly, the routine integration of the two. With the ability to understand and proactively manage SIMOPS, supervisors can ensure that more of the right activity is done correctly and safely. In addition to significantly reducing supervisor and crew wait time for permits, the comprehensive mobile capabilities provide big productivity gains, allowing users across often remote pipeline operations to work in online and offline mode. Offline work is automatically synchronized upon regaining connectivity. 

Control of Work for Pipelines 
Control of Work for Pipelines 

Achieve Compliance and Demonstrate Sound Governance.

Ensure that employees and contractors adhere to internal and external standards when in the field. Standardized templates, Isolation templates, baseline risk assessments or JSAs with required controls promote standardized, harmonized policies across your assets and operations. As an integrated system, CoW for Pipelines provides an easily accessible electronic record of everything that has happened. Integrated activity audits provide the means to measure permit performance and adherence with standards. Actions and deviation records can then be generated to ensure deficiencies are remediated and lessons can be created to help others.  

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Workplace productivity and safety are universal goals, and technology has certainly advanced our ability to achieve them. But when workers are beyond the reach of reliable broadband cellular networks, they lose access to the technology solutions that help keep them safe and productive. Pipeline operators know this issue well. And now they have a way to solve it.

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Pipeline operations are an inherently risky business, and accidents can have implications for the environment, and for the operator’s reputation. And, with many pipeline operators relying upon outdated systems like paper permits to work, it can be difficult to manage risk and ensure safety.

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