Behavior-Based Safety Software 

Learn More and Respond Faster to Drive Safety Behavior.   

Inform Behavior Change to Reduce Risk 

With this powerful new function in our First Report portal, you can use immediate and detailed observations in the field to improve safety awareness and promote proven risk-reducing behavior across your organization.  

Behavior-Based Safety

Capture More Observations and Interactions   

The tool takes advantage of Sphera’s First Report portal for simple and intuitive entry of BehaviorBased Safety (BBS) data. And robust workflow capability puts your guidance in action with follow-up reviews, standard investigation procedures, documented learning and more. Options for anonymous entry further broaden the scope to identify safety moments and increase on-site and in-the-moment data collection. 

Learn and Respond Faster to Improve Safety Performance 

Collecting more relevant data and providing nearreal-time insights lead to wider, deeper and more transparent safety reporting across your company. Your teams will learn more and respond faster to helpful input. The ability to tailor requested data with site-specific forms allows rapid dissemination of organizational-level criteria and also enables the use of site, operation– and businessspecific data needed to optimize safety performance. 

Behavior-Based Safety
Behavior-Based Safety

Extend Your Reach with Mobile Data Capture 

Using mobile devices to quickly capture observations on site helps ensure that important details aren’t left behind. Mobile data capture also extends collection capabilities to offsite and offline scenarios and makes users’ jobs easier. 

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