Management of Change
(MOC) Software

Mitigate risks and hazards associated with change.

Control the Impact of Change on Your People and Operations

While you can’t avoid change, you can mitigate the risks associated with it. Our cloud-based software helps you carefully and proactively address the risks that come with change by ensuring uniformity in your management-of-change (MOC) practices and centralized action management. It also helps you share best practices and creates an audit trail of your MOC process for compliance purposes.

Management of Change (MOC) Software

Systematize and Optimize Your Change Processes

Increase your overall productivity by reducing lead time on change projects and streamlining communication. With our out-of-box configuration for MOC, you have access to industry-specific and best practice templates and workflows for your company.

Increase Your Business Resiliency

Enable centralized action management and sharing of best practices so that reviews, approvals and organizational knowledge are centralized and available across the enterprise. Access consolidated MOC status reports and metrics to benchmark performance and provide visibility into highrisk and highfrequency change requests.

Management of Change (MOC) Software
Management of Change (MOC) Software

Improve Safety Levels and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

SpheraCloud MOC enables analysis of historical changes and helps you avoid repeated issues. The software supports compliance with government regulations, such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119, EPA 40 CFR Part 68.75, ABSA Integrity Management Requirements and the Seveso III Directive 2012/18/EU requirements.

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