Actions Software 

Address risk quickly and increase safety.

Take Control of Risk Across Your Business

Manage risk by quickly addressing company-wide issues. Sphera’s Actions software lets you apply a remediation action or task across multiple sites simultaneously. You can also allocate resources more efficiently by highlighting hotspots with high concentrations of actions.  

Assign Actions to Anyone

Whether you want to allocate actions to individuals, teams, contractors or suppliers, you can do it instantly and from any location. Use any Android, iOS or Microsoft device to allocate actions at the source of risk and ensure that it is handled quickly.  

Automatically Alert Employees and Manage Action Closeout

Automated alerts, reminders and monitoring help organizations save time, ensure effective action and identify poor performance. Sphera’s Actions software makes it easier to keep track of actions across multiple teams and locations.  

Actions Software
Actions Software

Flexible Reports That
Work for You

Multiple views of the same dataset are possible with the solution’s dashboards. This flexibility gives Health and Safety professionals the ability to present clean, easy-to-understand reports based on the right dataset. And a single version of truth lets you spot trends and prevent outdated reports  

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