Actions & Remediations Software

Act faster and take control of your risk.

Better Control Leads to Better Safety

Sphera’s Actions and Remediation application facilitates a fast, coherent response to any risks across your organization—including incidents or nonconformances from audits or inspections and ad hoc action management for employees or contractors.

It helps to control risk across your business helping Health and Safety professionals swiftly tackle a companywide issue by applying the same action to multiple sites simultaneously and to allocate resources efficiently by highlighting hotspots with high concentrations of actions.

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Our Actions and Remediations Tool Will Help You:

  • Assign tasks and actions online and offline
  • Assign actions to employees or contractors
  • Use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to respond to risk at the source
  • Send instant, automated action alerts

Take Control with Our Actions & Remediation Tool

Assign Actions to Anyone – Anywhere

Our tool molds itself to the way your company already works. Whether you want to allocate actions to individuals, teams, contractors or suppliers, you can do it instantly and wherever you are: You can allocate actions at the source of the risk on any Android, iOS or Microsoft device and make sure they are dealt with quickly.

Ease of Use

Sphera’s Actions & Remediation tool is intuitive to use and even if users don’t use it regularly, the can easily view their actions or task without the need to relearn the software each time. It also automatically sends alerts within the application to save time and ensure the right people get the right message.

Automatically Manage Action Closeout

Keeping track of actions across multiple teams and locations can be tough. Automated reminders and monitoring help organizations to ensure effective action closeout and to identify any poor performance.

Flexible Reports That Work for You

The dashboards provide multiple views of the same dataset to help Health and Safety professionals to present reports in a clean, easily digestible format that precisely shows the right dataset. There is one single version of the truth that helps spot trends and prevent outdated versions.

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