Contractor Safety Software

Manage contractors, ensure safety compliance and reduce risk across the organization 

Mitigate Risk by Keeping Your
Contractors Safe

Mitigate risk by managing contractor approval, tracking training, enforcing proper certifications and licensing, and scheduling contractor reviews and renewals. Our Contractor Safety software gives you an efficient, robust solution that helps you keep your contractors safe. 

Contractor Safety

Optimize Your Safety Performance

Optimize your safety performance with our software’s capabilities. They allow you to manage, track and investigate incidents involving contractors and conduct periodic contractor reviews. You can also apply approval processes for third-party vendors.    

Ensure Safety Standards
Across Operations

Capture training requirements for various functions and track completion to ensure that contractor work is performed safely. Document and store associated licensing and certifications for full visibility and auditing purposes. Our solution’s workflow capabilities support multi-level review and approval, so you can be sure your contractors satisfy your requirements 

Contractor Safety
Contractor Safety

Capture and Access Data Across the Organization

Record up-to-date statements of work, schedules, permits to work and contracts and report on all third parties using a centralized, configurable solution.  

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