Analytics Software

Gain real-time insights to inform your decisions. 

Drive Safety with Stronger Analytics

Collect real-time data from any source to support decision-making. Create flexible reports and charts to give your health and safety leaders a better understanding of what’s driving performance. Our Analytics software also helps you dissect past performance and spot emerging trends  

Analytics Software

Real-Time Data to Support Your Business Decisions

Whether your data needs are big or small, Analytics helps you collect real-time data from any source. So, you always have access to up-to-date information you can act on.   

Data Visualization Leads
to Better Insights

Visualization tools such as geo-mapping, risk event records and real-time trend analysis help you make sense of your data. Our Analytics software also provides drill-down functionality to help you analyze trends or focus on a particular time, geography or division, without switching to a different report. You can also create and configure dashboards to bring all your key metrics onto a single screen.  

Collaborate and Share Insights

Our Analytics tool works with your business data – regardless of its source or format. Slice and dice your data for the level of granularity you need – whether it’s local, national, global, team or functional. And share your data across your organization for collaboration or escalation, or export it for further use.  

Explore Other Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Audits Software

Ease the administrative burden of the audit and inspection process by centralizing and automating standard tasks.

Incident Management Software

Ensure employee safety with a software interface that leads users through each step of reporting an incident, near miss, or any observation that could be a potential risk and help risks remain visible and under control.

Management of Change (MOC) Software

Consistently manage risks and incidents with our Management of Change tool to improve safety, compliance and performance.


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