Analytics Software

Get real-time insights and make informed decisions.

Use Analytics to Drive Safety

Sphera’s Analytics delivers powerful insights for your organization. It helps create easy and flexible reports and charts to help your business understand what’s driving current performance, dissect past performance and spot emerging trends. Analytics helps collect data in real time from any source, so companies can make up-to-the-minute business decisions.

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Our Analytics Software Will Help You:

  • Create configurable dashboards and charts
  • Visualize data exactly as you want it
  • Use powerful charts
  • Collaborate, annotate, share and export charts
  • Drill down and analyze current and historical data
  • Handle big data collected in real-time environments

Top Benefits of Our Analytics Software

Collaborate and Share

Sphera’s Analytics tool works with your business data—regardless of the source or format. Slice and dice the data as you see fit (local, national, global, team or functional level) and present it at the right level of granularity. Share your data across your organization for collaboration or escalation, and export for further use if needed.

Compelling Data Visualization

Use our visualization tools like geo-mapping, risk event records and trend analysis in real time help to understand the data. Our tool also provides dynamic drill-down functionality to analyze a trend or home in on a particular time, geography or division without switching to a different report.

Big & Little Data

Our Analytics software is built to help you collect data in real time from any source, so you can make up-to-the-minute business decisions whether you’re collecting a few data points every day or several thousand an hour.

Insightful Dashboards

Create and configure compelling dashboards so all of your business’ key metrics are available on one screen.

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