Refrigerant Compliance Management Software

A global refrigerant management program.

Simplify Compliance with U.S. EPA, State-based, EU F-Gas, and International Regulations

Sphera’s refrigerant compliance management software has helped environmental and facility managers for decades to track all refrigerant-related activites. Cradle-to-grave documentation and recordkeeping: Whether new installations, leak repairs, leak inspections, conversions, or disposals.


A purpose-built tool for complex and varied regulations, backed by seasoned compliance experts:

  • Simplify compliance documentation and recordkeeping with standardized service forms and preset reports
  • Cover all aspects including Appliances, Refrigerant Inventories, Technicians, and Service Records
  • Demonstrate leak mitigation and leak prevention with leak inspections and automatic leak detection systems
  • Monitor compliance status and data integrity to proactively fine-tune your refrigerant compliance initiatives
  • Analyze key factors such as chronic leakage, refrigerant usage, CO2e, carbon footprint by appliance, overall CO2e
  • Comply with a variety of regulations, including U. S EPA Clean Air Act, California AB 32, EU F-Gas legislation, and international

Reduce Your Refrigerant Compliance Risk
with Confidence

Assess Compliance

Access real time information to identify compliance gaps and develop correction action plans.

Master Compliance

Comply with refrigerant phase-downs, phase-outs, record-keeping requirements and corporate emissions reporting.

Stay Updated

Maintain compliance when your organization and regulatory and industry requirements change with refresher training.

Operationalize Regulations

Our experts help bridge the compliance gap between Operational and Environmental Management with proven methodologies, software, content and expertise for achieving a world-class refrigerant management program.

Refrigerant Compliance Training

With decades of experience in the refrigerant and HVAC industry, Sphera’s experts have a thorough understanding of facility operations and compliance obligations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain updated regulatory, industry information and best practices to sharpen your refrigerant compliance knowledge.

Refrigerant Compliance
Refrigerant Management Software

Refrigerant Management Brochure

Refrigerant Management Software will help you document, organize, and create reports of your refrigerant activities to effectively comply with the Refrigerant Record-keeping Requirements.

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Refrigerant Management Software Brochure

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