Refrigerant Compliance Management Software

 Improve compliance with a global refrigerant management program.

Reduce Your Refrigerant Compliance Risk

The flammability aspects of refrigerants—as well as their role in ozone depletion and global warming—have been addressed through regulations that affect businesses and government bodies alike. As these regulations become stricter, the compliance challenges increase; so does the cost of related non-compliance fines and the need for supplemental environmental projects (SEPs).         

For decades, environmental and facility managers have used Sphera’s Refrigerant Management software to track all refrigerant-related activities. Its cradle-to-grave documentation and record-keeping capabilities cover new installations, leak inspections and repairs, as well as conversions and disposals.   

Refrigerant Compliance Management Software

Simplify Your Compliance with All Applicable Regulations

Access to real-time information helps you identify compliance gaps and develop corrective action plans. This enables you to stay in compliance with U.S. federal and state regulations, as well as EU F-Gas and other international regulations that apply to your operations. This also helps your facilities monitor their compliance status and data integrity to proactively fine-tune your refrigerant initiatives.     

Mitigate and Prevent
Refrigerant Leaks

Leak inspections and automatic leak detection systems help you mitigate and prevent refrigerant leaks. Our solution also helps with documentation and record keeping, which can be maintained with standardized service forms and preset reports.  

Refrigerant Compliance Management Software


Remain Compliant and Up-to-Date

Establish a world-class refrigerant management program with our proven methodologies, software, content and expertise. Our purpose-built tools help you simplify compliance documentation and record keeping. They also help you analyze key factors such as refrigerant usage, chronic leakage and the carbon footprints of appliances. 

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