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Sphera Managed LCA Content databases are accurate, comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases, largely built on high quality industry data. With over 15,000 annually updated datasets, packaged in some 20 topical databases, Sphera’s data provides a reliable foundation for life cycle-based decision support ranging from Ecodesign and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to strategic technology decisions, carbon neutrality roadmaps, and others. Sphera also offers fast and competent data on demand services, to provide you with exactly the data you need when you need it.

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The automotive industry is one of the most prominent drivers of progress and economic growth, but it also accounts for a significant portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. Sphera has developed state-of-the-art software solutions customized for semiautomatic LCA calculations for vehicles based on Bill of Materials and/or computer-aided design (CAD) data.

Fiat Group
Ford AG

Building & Construction

Sustainable Building means being able to build and operate buildings in an economical way that is also environmentally friendly and resource conscious. Sphera supports you with a dedicated database that includes more than 2,600 processes, compliant with EN 15804+A2.


Chemicals & Petroleum

Innovation is key, as businesses in the chemical industry face on-going scarcity of resources. Additionally, optimization of production and the reduction of environmental impacts are ever present challenges. Sphera’s datasets can provide valuable insight on how to improve efficiencies and the environmental performance of chemical products.

Dow Chemicals

Consumer Goods & Packaging

Sustainability in consumer goods has changed significantly in recent years. The pressure on retailers to stock sustainable products has never been higher. Sphera helps brands optimize their sustainability goals by providing the most up-to-date material, consumables and processing LCI datasets in the market.

Johnson & Johnson

Education & Academic Research

Sphera supports educational institutions and research facilities with its powerful LCA for Experts software and its high quality LCI databases, which provide excellent coverage of many environmental impact topics. Sphera supports researchers with the data foundation for life cycle analysis studies, greenhouse gas calculations and water footprints.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Universitat Hohenheim
University of Manchester
University of tokyo


The electronics industry is facing increasing scrutiny when it comes to Sustainability, from its carbon footprint to material declaration and recycling. Our annually updated databases keep pace with the constant changes in the industry. Sphera has the datasets and the expert services available to help companies navigate this ever-changing landscape. Sphera’s content covers data for electronics ranging from a wide range of electronic components and subassemblies to assembly lines with 251 processes and one plan.

LG Electronics

Energy & Utilities

The energy sector is facing unique challenges when it comes to Sustainability. Sphera knows that this sector is driving change and requires insights and data around not only energy consumption, but also energy sources and conversion, which is supported by over 1,400 processes and 17 plans.

lm wind power
Ritter Solar
Siemens AG
Southern California Edison

Food & Agriculture

Stakeholders across the board are putting pressure on companies to better understand the environmental impacts of agriculture. There has been a shift in focus from debates around biofuels to an increased emphasis on the Sustainability of food and commodity supply chains. From farm to fork or factory, Sphera has the data you need to analyze and improve your supply chain with a database including over 700 processes representing the most used raw material, food and feed products across regions.

Arla Foods
Mondelez International

Health Care & Life Sciences

Health care and life sciences are dynamic sectors with growing markets and increasing competition. In this sector, efficient and sustainable performance means looking beyond the production and life cycle of products. To achieve this, companies should integrate sustainable performance as early as possible in their strategic planning. Sphera’s databases provide a solid data foundation for reliable, informed decisions.

Johnson & Johnson
Siemens AG
Teijin Group
Worwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Industrial Products

From plant construction to packaging manufacturing, the industrial sector covers a wide range of companies. These predominantly B2B companies have begun to feel the pressure from downstream to comply with Sustainability regulations and expectations. Sphera supports the manufacturing industry with a wide range of materials and processes.

PPG Industries

Information Technology

The Information Technology sector can play a key role in the transition to a more energy-efficient, low-carbon economy while increasing productivity and growth. This is best achieved through consistent monitoring both its own and the enabled product’s energy use and carbon emissions, transitioning to more sustainable solutions where possible. Sphera’s content can help organizations identify key areas where changes can make significant improvements towards Sustainability.

Seiko Epson

Metals & Mining

The Metal & Mining industry is under intense scrutiny when it comes to Sustainability and environmental impacts. Sphera’s main databases have extensive content on metals and metal products for downstream users, covering a wide range of steel types and products, aluminum alloys, precious metals, and of nonferrous metals. Many of these have been developed jointly with the representing industry associations, building on Sphera’s Managed LCA Content.

Aluminum Association
Bluescope Steel
European Copper Institute
JSW Steel
Tata Steel
world steel

Oil & Gas

Proper focus on the application of sustainable solutions helps companies strengthens their trust and credibility in the marketplace. Sphera works with three of the Big 5 Oil & Gas producers and has successfully helped them integrate Sustainability into their overall business strategy. By implementing robust solutions, companies can leverage Sphera’ unrivaled industry data, leading Sustainability software and expert advice from a host of in-house Sustainability consultants.

Phillips 66


The increasing consumer appetite to support sustainable business practices means that retail companies are taking steps to set themselves apart from the competition. Greening the supply chain without greenwashing it is a vast and challenging issue for the retail sector. Understanding the impacts at each stage of the supply chain is paramount to getting this right.


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