Sustainability Performance Management Software

Set targets, analyze performance and take action.

Ensure That Your Sustainability Initiatives Demonstrate Results

Identify the gaps between your targets and your actual performance so you can amend strategies and track progress to reach defined sustainability goals.

Sustainability Performance Management Software

Understand Where and Why Your Performance is Falling Short

Gain valuable insights into your data using dedicated data mining methods such as deviation analysis, regression forecasting and benchmarking. These insights will help pinpoint your initiatives’ weaknesses so you know exactly where and how to make adjustments.

Effective Action Plans Start with Powerful Data and Forecast Methods

Sphera’s Sustainability Performance Management software equips you with data expertise that improves your sustainability performance. It helps you plan targeted actions to reduce costs, and a set of forecast methods help you determine the most effective steps to take.

Sustainability Performance Management Software
Sustainability Performance Management Software

Monitoring and Management Capabilities Will Keep You on Track

Set targets for all organizational levels based on scenario analysis. With effective monitoring and data validation, you can react quickly and ensure that the defined goals are met. With Sphera’s Sustainability Performance Management software you keep your organization on track by continuously adjusting and refining your plans as necessary.

Explore Other Corporate Sustainability Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Reporting and Compliance

Enables transparent and audit-proof sustainability management and reporting to reduce the risk of non-compliance and related financial consequences. Accurately quantify your emissions baseline to solve the carbon accounting challenges on your decarbonization journey.

Environmental Impact Calculation

Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor libraries. Enhance and simplify your Corporate Sustainability Management and Reporting.

Portfolio Management Software for Financed Emissions

The SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability – Portfolio Management solution helps you calculate and report the carbon footprint from investing and lending activities.

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