Sustainability Performance Management Software

Set targets, analyze performance and take action.

Identify and Mitigate Environmental Risks at an Early Stage

When managing sustainability reports and compliance, companies must ensure that their sustainability initiatives are implemented and adhere to the targets they have set. Identify gaps between defined sustainability goals and your actual performance with our performance management and improvement functions.

Focus on improving the most important strategic areas while monitoring if execution plans actually lead to the intended result. Information is easily accessible to all stakeholders, leading to faster and better business decisions based on the evaluated data.

Performance Management and Improvement

Achieve Business Benefits with Our Sustainability Performance Management Software

  • Understand the gaps between actual performance and defined targets and identify the weak spots.
  • Identify the opportunities to improve, on a site or another structural level.
  • Define and execute a targeted action plan to achieve the most cost-effective improvement.
  • A set of forecast methods will help you to identify the most effective steps to take.
  • Keep track and ensure that your action plan meets your expectations. Adjust and refine as necessary.

Top Benefits of Our Sustainability Performance Management Software

Get the most out of Your Data

Utilize several dedicated data mining methods such as deviation analysis, regression forecasting and benchmarking enabling you to gain deep insights into your data. This will help you understand performance gaps and identify areas of improvement.

Improve Performance by Taking Targeted Action

Use the gained data expertise to create effective action plans. Plan initiatives to reduce costs and improve your overall sustainability performance. With effective monitoring and data validation, you can flexibly react if necessary and make sure that the defined goals are met.

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