Environmental Impact Calculation

Simplify your carbon accounting with the most comprehensive collection of emission factors.

Reduce the Complexity of Your
Emissions Baseline Calculation

Calculating your greenhouse gas (GHG) emission baseline often involves emission factors derived from different data sources with varying methods and update cycles. Sphera’s Environmental Impact Calculation software helps you make sense of your data while managing a wide range of reporting and emission factor requirements.

Emissions Management Software

Built-in Emission Factors Simplify Your GHG Emissions Calculation

Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability Impact Libraries offer emission factors from external data sources such as Defra, IEA, EPA, IPCC and GHG Protocol, as well as in-house product sustainability (GaBi) emission factors that have been calculated based on our established Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expertise. Emission factors are updated annually to ensure that you apply the correct factors to the relevant consumption data. You’re automatically informed when updates are available, and you can decide when to load them.

Stronger GHG Reporting Starts
with Sphera’s Market-leading
LCA Database

We’ve applied decades of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling experience to provide over 1,500 emission factor sets in the software’s Product Sustainability (GaBi) library. It gives you the best possible source for your Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions calculations.

The Sphera Product Sustainability (GaBi) database content lets you go beyond GHG accounting to address other impact categories such as NOx, particulate matter (PM) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as required, for example, in the GRI 305-7 disclosure.

Emissions Management Software
Emissions Management Software

Customize Emission Factor Libraries to Meet Your Needs

Sphera’s Environmental Impact Calculation software satisfies your need for customized emission factor libraries. When necessary, create additional individual emission factor sets relevant to your company, industry or regions of operation.

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Management and Reporting Software

Enables transparent and audit-proof sustainability management and reporting to reduce the risk of non-compliance and related financial consequences. Accurately quantify your emissions baseline to solve the carbon accounting challenges on your decarbonization journey.

Performance Management And Improvement

Identifies gaps between defined targets and actual performance, analyzes performance and helps you implement efficient reduction strategies and track progress to Net Zero.

Portfolio Management Software for Financed Emissions

The SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability – Portfolio Management solution helps you calculate and report the carbon footprint from investing and lending activities.

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