Sustainability Reporting and Compliance Software

Enable transparent and audit-proof sustainability management and reporting.

Capture, Control and Share Your Sustainability Data

Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software (formerly SoFi Software) enables companies to report on their sustainability activities using widely accepted industry standards. As part of the Corporate Sustainability software, our sustainability reporting and compliance software enables instant data quality checks. Transparent audit trails will speed up voluntary and regulatory compliance reporting. Advanced data exchange technologies make automated data flow easy and efficient. Smart and flexible real-time analytic metrics ensure that calculations are precise and up-to-date.

Visualize and share your reports across users and sites with the help of dynamic charting and personalized dashboards. The modern and intuitive interface of Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software allows you to communicate the sustainability of your brand in specific alignment with your situation.

Emission Factor Libraries, air emissions management software

Enable Efficient, Accurate and Simple Data Management

  • Insert data directly via custom questionnaires, upload data files or use our automatic integration capabilities.
  • Automatically compile data across company hierarchies or topics adding up to the company’s energy consumption. Define custom performance indicators to calculate impacts such as the carbon footprint.
  • Present data on personalized dashboards and complement them with dynamic charting. Real-time analytics make sure that your report is always up-to-date.
  • Share results and the impact of your sustainability initiatives with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Reporting Software Automatically Calculates Environmental Impacts

See these examples of how you can use our sustainability reporting software to automatically calculate environmental impacts and integrate them into websites for transparent communication.

Top Benefits of Our Sustainability Reporting and Compliance Software

Collect, Aggregate and Validate Your Sustainability Data Throughout Your Company

Save time and administrative effort with our sustainability reporting and compliance software effectively helping you to implement intelligent data management across users and sites. Automated data capture, fully transparent metrics and audit trails make it easier to profile risks and identify opportunities for improved efficiency.

Visualize and Share Your Sustainability Data with Your Stakeholders

Once the data is compiled, you can easily create dynamic reports and dashboards, including real-time data and customizable charts. Share the reports with your internal stakeholders or the public by, for example, integrating them into your company website to complement your corporate strategy and goals.

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