Management and Reporting Software

Enable transparent carbon accounting and reporting.

To Meet ESG and Sustainability Requirements, You Must Be Able to Solve Carbon Accounting Challenges

For this, you need an accurate measure of your emissions baseline. Achieve transparent and audit-proof sustainability management and reporting with Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software.

Management and Reporting Software

Collect, Aggregate and Validate
Your Data More Efficiently

Reduce the time spent on data collection and avoid common spreadsheet errors. Sphera’s Sustainability Management and Reporting software lets you collect data directly via custom questionnaires, import data manually or use automatic integration capabilities. Alerts and plausibility checks help ensure mistake-free data entry.

Ensure an Accurate and
Efficient Measurement of
Your Environmental Footprint

You depend on valid, accurate GHG emissions calculations. Sphera’s Sustainability Management and Reporting software relies on integrated, consolidated – and regularly updated – emission factors to automatically compute GHG emissions. Flexible, real-time analytic metrics give you the accurate calculations you need.

Management and Reporting Software

Visualize and Share Data More Easily

Present data on personalized dashboards and enhance them with dynamic charting. Your reports are always up to date, thanks to real-time analytics.

Define custom performance indicators to calculate your company’s impacts. Share reports with internal stakeholders or integrate them into your company website to illustrate your performance externally.

Explore Other Corporate Sustainability Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Environmental Impact Calculation

Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor sources in the world.

Performance Management and Improvement

Identify gaps between targets and actual performance, so you can focus on bettering the most strategic areas.

Portfolio Management Software for Financed Emissions

The SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability – Portfolio Management solution helps you calculate and report the carbon footprint from investing and lending activities.

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