By Sphera’s Editorial Team | May 1, 2023

LCA helps identify and deliver environmental savings across your products’ value chains. But it can do more. When applied strategically, LCA can help your company build an actionable corporate decarbonization strategy. Marc Binder, VP Global Sustainability Consulting at Sphera, will share how LCA can help companies turn their ambitious decarbonization targets into effective action.

We will then provide an example of how a company can scale the LCA generation process to inform decarbonization strategy.   Learn how Eastman is leading that charge by using Sphera’s Life Cycle Assessment Automation technology to scale up product carbon footprint and LCA data across their entire global portfolio.

Speakers: Marc Binder, VP Global Sustainability Consulting, Sphera and Jason Pierce, Senior Technical Leader, Circular Economy and Life Cycle Assessment, Eastman.