LCA Calculator:
Empower Your Non-LCA Experts

Boost your productivity by equipping non-LCA expert stakeholders with a condensed version of the LCA for Experts tool.

Boost the Power of Your LCA Experts

Life cycle assessment (LCA) experts are under immense pressure to provide accurate environmental performance reports, but often face bandwidth constraints. Sphera’s cloud-based LCA Calculator enables non-expert stakeholders to run their own LCAs and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The solution provides valuable insights into both current and future products.

With this tool, LCA experts can focus on more complex tasks while ensuring accurate reporting and driving sustainability efforts forward.

A Snapshot Version of the LCA for Experts Software

Increase LCA expert productivity by sharing a snapshot version of the LCA for Experts tool with non-expert stakeholders. The tool provides swift calculation of LCAs and EPDs. This empowers non-experts to gain valuable insights into your products from cradle to grave.

LCA Calculator + LCA for Experts = A Powerful Duo


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LCA for Experts

Achieve your sustainability goals with Sphera’s best-in-class product sustainability software.

LCA Training Center

Explore the different training options available for Sphera’s suite of LCA software.

LCA Calculator

Empower your non-LCA Experts.

LCA for Packaging

Meet today’s demand for more sustainable packaging.

LCA Database

Access the best foundation for data-driven decisions that support your sustainability goals.

LCA Consulting

Get an overview of the environmental impacts of your products, process, or services with help from our Life Cycle Assessment consultants.

Managed LCA Content Search

Access Sphera’s comprehensive Managed LCA Content with over 15,000 annually updated datasets.

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