LCA Automation

Measure and manage your entire portfolio’s environmental footprint automatically.  

Perform PortfolioWide LCAs in Minutes, Not Months.

As the pressure on companies to reduce their environmental impact increases, you need a solution that can provide you with real-time insights into the life cycle of your entire product portfolio–with reliable data and support you can trust. The traditional way of performing life cycle assessments (LCAs) is labor intensive and must be done on a product-by-product basis. This leads to a backlog of LCAs that either need to be initiated or updated. To scale this type of operation would require thousands of expert person-hours.  

LCA Automation gives you the ability to perform LCAs at scale for your entire product portfolio–increasing transparency into your environmental impact and supporting your decarbonization and carbon neutrality commitments.  

Wherever you are on your product sustainability journey, Sphera can set you on the path toward automation.

LCA Automation

Calculate Your Footprint Using Any Methodology.

Flexibility makes a difference. Sphera’s LCA Automation service supports a wide range of LCA methodologies, including SCOTT, CatenaX, LCA (adhering to ISO14040), and Product Carbon Footprinting (adhering to ISO14067). Rely on the methodology you prefer and change methodologies when you need to. Our LCA Automation service gives you that flexibility.

Access Industry-leading Managed Content for Instant Calculations.

Sphera offers the industry’s leading managed content, with 15,000+ annually updated datasets and more than 20 topical database packages. Access to our managed content gives you repeatable, scalable and highly reliable results at a reduced cost. 

Our managed content also lets you see how adjustments in specific variables, such as use of a cleaner power source or changes in production processes, can affect your emissions outputs. 

LCA Automation
LCA Automation

Seamless System-to-System Integration.

Our LCA Automation service integrates directly with your existing tech stack to provide realtime calculations based on your product, production and supplier data.

Explore Other Product Sustainability Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Product Sustainability (GaBi) Datasets

Access Sphera’s comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases with over 15,000 annually updated datasets.

Life Cycle Assessment Software

Sphera’s virtual interface lets you rapidly analyze product sustainability, identify improvement opportunities and assess the impact of design alternatives.

Life Cycle Assessment Data

Within a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the quality of the underlying life cycle inventory (LCI), including data about materials, processes, energy and transport, is crucial to producing valuable and reliable results.

Sustainable Packaging Calculator

Sphera’s GaBi Packaging Calculator (GPC) provides you with an intuitive tool to select your most sustainable options based on high-quality environmental data.

Software for Sustainable Product Design

To reach your product sustainability goals, it is critical to take every aspect of product’s creation into account all the way from collecting natural resources to build the product to recycling at the end-of-use stage. Our tools help you see the full sustainability picture from the get-go.

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