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Supply chain risk will always exist; what matters is how companies manage and mitigate it. With the right data, software
Sphera’s Control of Work for Mining helps mine operators to increase safety, reduce risk and build on their solid operational
What Is the Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD)? 
Sphera’s Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD) is a consistent, unambiguous classification system and technical dictionary of materials and spare parts for
Financial institutions and private equity must now shift focus on their climate impact through their investment and lending activities.
Mining equipment in a mine
Mining is a highly dangerous and volatile industry that requires strong corporate and government oversight. The extraction of iron ore,
Live Webinar Collaborative Ecodesign: A cross-company approach for easy and reliable LCA calculations
Join our webinar on 9th March 2023 to learn how you can leverage valuable input from across your organization to
Supply chain risk management (SCRM) is the process of taking strategic steps to identify, monitor, assess and mitigate risks in
Headquartered in Leverkusen,Germany, Covestro’s products and solutions can be foundworldwide in virtually all areas of modern life
Corporate Sustainability for Financed Emissions
For financial institutions, the need to invest in a sustainable, low-carbon economy in accordance with environmental, social and governance (ESG)
More Sustainable Shirt Packaging at OLYMP
To achieve these improvements, OLYMP used Sphera’s LCA for Packaging tool (former GaBi Packaging Calculator) to assess the environmental impacts
Managing Risk in the Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chain
This framework guides industrial manufacturing enterprises through four steps to successfully introduce supply chain risk management.
Sphera Managed LCA Content (MLC – formerly GaBi) Annual Release Webinar
This webinar will give you a focused overview of the updates, improvements and new datasets in Sphera’s MLC and give