LCA Software Training Videos

Part 1: Introduction to LCA Software

Chapter 1

How to Use These Video Tutorials


Chapter 2

ISO 14044, Goal, Scope and Functional Units


Chapter 3

System Boundaries, Allocation and Data Collection


Chapter 4

LCI, LCIA, Classification and Characterization


Chapter 5

Connecting and Activating
a Database


Chapter 6

Understanding Flows


Chapter 7

Creating a Plan
and Adding Processes


Chapter 8

Creating a New Process
and Process Types


Chapter 9

Adding Input Flows


Chapter 10

Creating a New Flow
and Adding Amounts


Chapter 11

Elementary and Non-Elementary Flows and Tracking


Chapter 12

Fixing the Reference Process


Chapter 13

Using Auto-Connect
and Adding Transport


Chapter 14

Linking Processes


Chapter 15

Adding a Plan to a Plan


Chapter 16

Adjusting Visual Appearance


Chapter 17

Creating a Balance
and Viewing Dashboards


Chapter 18

Creating a Custom Dashboard


Chapter 19

Working with Results Tab


Chapter 20

Analyzing Weak Points


Chapter 21

Exporting Charts and Tables