Training Management Software

A SpheraCloud Health & Safety Management module

Ensure the Right People Have the Right Skills

Our SpheraCloud Training Management software is designed to help you easily monitor and manage training needs across your organization.

By automating tasks such as course scheduling, alerts and reminders, we’ve taken the pain out of day-to-day tasks so you can focus on business planning and strategy.

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Our Training Management Software Can Help You:

  • Create a companywide training strategy that meets local and global needs
  • Develop a searchable inventory of sessions and courses
  • Manage individual training attendance and reminders

Training Management Software
that Works for You

Manage Your Training Strategy

Easily plan course logistics, notify participants, monitor attendance and automate reminders and feedback assessments.

Resolve Training Gaps

Manage complex training needs with tools to identify training gaps and pending expirations and schedule refresh sessions.

Empower Employee Development

Staff can quickly see the courses they’re enrolled in and find and enroll in other available courses to drive personal development.

Centralize Reporting

Store a comprehensive training record on file for each employee, so you know exactly what training each person has had, when they had it and when they’re due for a refresh.

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