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Customized Product Compliance Consulting

We have bundled our expertise with chance-N to provide customized and cost-effective product compliance consulting for the manufacturing industry.

Here is how we can support you:

1. Quick Check


This service is for clients who want to reposition themselves in product compliance (e.g., procurement of a software tool, launch of new products, etc.) or want to make their material reporting process more effective and efficient.

You obtain a clear picture of the current situation regarding the efforts, risks and potential improvements.

Service Content:

  • • Capture status, requirements and framework conditions
  • • Capture requirements
  • • Validation for completeness of existing process steps
  • • Evaluation of documentation
  • • Review for effectiveness of the process
  • • Capture risks of product compliance in the process

2. Proof of Concept


This service is designed for clients who need help writing the requirement specification for the purchase a software tool.

This need-based and flexible provision of resources reduces the risk of personnel costs. You also gain access to external, up-to-date knowledge and many years of experience, reducing training times and costs by relying on standards and best practices.

Service Content:

  • • Clarification of the client’s actual state regarding the product and compliance management
  • • Common development of the target state concerning the customer’s organization and material reporting
  • • Defining processes from standards and best practices
  • • Elaboration on software tool requirements
  • • Compilation of the customer’s personal contributions
  • • Guideline framework conditions for go-live

3. Assistance Go-Live


We offer quick, smooth implementation of this software tool.

We customize the software to your organization and processes. This method reduces risks during the implementation of the software and during the alignment of the processes.

Service Content:

  • • Definition of the reporting process
  • • Preparation of the participants’ role description
  • • Creation of process descriptions
  • • Provision of the default settings and customization of the tool standard to customer-specific requirements
  • • Introduction to test routines and processes for the documentation of purchased parts and the final products of the customer.
  • • Creation of standardized forms
  • • Accompanying the acceptance of the software tool
  • • Initial filling of the software
  • • Conducting a project review

4. Organization and Process Design


This service is designed for SMEs that want to implement compliance requirements for material restrictions in a more efficient and effective way.

Learn to cover your peak in work load.. We contribute our know-how and our experience and thereby offer targeted needs-oriented services. In addition, changes and improvements are introduced effectively and efficiently.

Service Content:

  • • Analysis of the reporting process
  • • Clarification of the secure capturing and evaluation, plus correct feeding of material restrictions into the organization
  • • Review and, if necessary, optimize data procurement from the supply chain
  • • Check material records routines
  • • Revise the reporting process
  • • Integrate the material process into the core processes and definition of interfaces
  • • Record, evaluate and reduce process risks
  • • Design supplier inquiries and customer declarations
  • • Design declarations for clients

5. Process Ownership


You do not have to build up special knowledge—take advantage of our experts’ experience.

To deal with a temporary absence of the assigned project manager we can support you with our experienced senior consultants. Additionally, this service can cover time-limited projects during process changes and the implementation of new toolsBenefit from a competently maintained product compliance process integrated into your organization and its business processes.

Service Content:

  • • Discharging the tasks of a process owner for Product Compliance and Material Reporting
  • • Discharging the task of a project manager for improvement projects in processes and software tools
  • • Creating and maintaining standards
  • • Reporting to the process sponsor (SM, etc.)
  • • Implementing new requirements
  • • Risk assessment

6. Compliance Full Service


You do not have to provide your own know-how or resources.

You receive complete declarations corresponding to the legal requirements for the purchased parts and materials as well as a documented compliance status for the products, including evidence.

Service Content:

  • • Obtain declarations and material reports from the supply chain
  • • Takeover dunning procedures in the supply chain
  • • Check the material data record quality
  • • Assess risks and compiling a compliance report for purchased parts and materials
  • • Document product compliance
  • • Feed in new material restrictions
  • • Create product declarations for clients
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