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According to industry analyst, Gartner, maintenance engineers spend, on average, 30% of their time searching for spare parts information. This wasted time likely extends far beyond engineering and applies to other operational groups within asset-intensive businesses – supply chain, procurement, and inventory – to name a few. Wasted time is only part of the MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) and procurement battle. Barriers to accessing information also lead to financial waste from an unclear view of inventories and excess procurement.

When technicians can’t easily find the information they require, the inefficiency manifests into operational risk and high procurement costs as a result of:

  • Ordering the wrong part or service
  • Ordering parts already in stock or available at a nearby facility
  • Delays in the return to service of critical equipment and systems
  • Ordering from non-compliant suppliers when they are available from a preferred supplier on better terms
  • Unnecessary expediting costs
Master Data Management - Data Finder Demo

Master Data Management — Data Finder Software Demo

In this video we demonstrate the capability of Sphera’s Master Data Management software for field mapping, reference cataloging and searching to better manage your data.

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Sphera’s Data Finder software, part of the Master Data Management solution, provides the missing piece that asset-intensive organizations desperately crave – a user-friendly solution that delivers quick access to master data information. A robust, proven, off-the-shelf technical dictionary available in multiple languages, supports field mapping, reference cataloging, and searching to improve the management of MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data masters.

By integrating and centrally managing clean, deduplicated, reliable data and employing parametric search engine functionality, managers have the foundation they need to access an accurate view of materials, vendors, products, and spend. And they can build analytical capabilities to manage the safety and productivity of their assets.

  • Access a wealth of information linked to data masters – including documents and bill of materials (BoMs)
  • Allows for real-time access to item inventory levels across multiple systems
  • Photos provided in search results makes it even easier for users to identify searched items
  • Optimized for mobile devices

Reduce Risk and Keep Assets Safe

Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Software

Centralize the management of your MRO data including capital projects equipment, bill of materials (BOMs) and spare parts inventory for a robust MRO Data Finder software.

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Materials Inventory Software

Easily monitor accurate, reliable and timely information related to your large inventory of direct and indirect materials.

Tools to Manage Industrial and Facility Services Data

Expand insights and improve management of vendor/service data related to contracted personnel, equipment and materials.

Software for Product Information and Finished Goods

Improve the management of manufacturing data including product masters and finished-goods inventory.

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mro software

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Making the Case for Master Data Management

Even if you are confident that investing in Master Data Management is the best way for your organization to establish a sustained approach to reliable data, you still must sell it to leadership and other key decision–makers. Some organizations struggle to make this business case.

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Master Data Management – Data Finder Demo

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