Data Transformation Software

Collect and convert MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data into clean, structured and deduplicated records.


In most organizations, information is spread across systems that support different functions – Maintenance, Procurement, and Supply Chain – to name a few. The way disparate systems treat the same data elements is often a serious hindrance to reconciling information and supporting quality decision-making. The risks? Stockouts. Overspending. Wasted time looking for the right part or service. Unexpected machine failure. Downtime. Potential safety and liability issues.

Companies need to ensure they have a unified, consistent view of their critical data.

Globally structure, visualize, and manage data throughout its lifecycle.

Reduce data master duplicates and optimize inventory

Create the necessary data foundation to find trends to improve operations, lower costs and improve performance

Improve the performance of enterprise management systems including ERP, CMMS, and EAM

Realize performance gains in plant maintenance, purchasing, and inventory management by streamlining decision-making, improving productivity and reducing erroneous purchases

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Sphera’s Data Transformation software, part of the Master Data Management solution, helps organizations achieve confidence that they are operating with the most accurate, consistent, and complete MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data.

The solution provides white-glove data onboarding, cleansing, and structuring service as well as software to support automated parsing and matching of data. Advanced control and audit features help to ensure organizations are consistently managing complex, multiregional data.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Software

MRO data cleansing and centralized management including capital projects equipment, bill of materials (BOMs) and spare parts inventory.

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Materials Inventory Software

Easily monitor accurate, reliable and timely information related to your large inventory of direct and indirect materials.

Tools to Manage Industrial and Facility Services Data

Expand insights and improve management of vendor/service data related to contracted personnel, equipment and materials.

Software for Product Information and Finished Goods

Improve the management of manufacturing data including product masters and finished-goods inventory.

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mro software

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Making the Case for Master Data Management

Even if you are confident that investing in Master Data Management is the best way for your organization to establish a sustained approach to reliable data, you still must sell it to leadership and other key decision–makers. Some organizations struggle to make this business case.

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