Data Governance Software

Leverage rule-based workflows to maintain the integrity of MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data. 

Ensure Your Data Conforms to Prescribed Corporate Standards

Use online, rule-based workflows to govern your entire data set Automatic, pre-built descriptions ensure consistency in naming conventions, and local plant and storeroom MRP data fields are routed for review and approval. Sphera’s Data Governance software—part of our Master Data Management solution—ensures that your MRO parts and equipment data remains accurate, standardized and clean.  

Data Governance

A Reliable, Single Source of Truth

Gain full visibility across your inventory for the entire enterprise with a data governance solution that ensures conformance to corporate standards. Our software governs and synchronizes data masters across multiple systems and databases—including ERP, inventory management, EAM and CMMS solutionsvia integration to standard APIs – to support planning and the execution of your operations.

Easily and Quickly Find Materials to Increase Productivity

Our solution’s rule-based workflows deliver consistently clean data. As a result, your maintenance engineers spend less time searching for spare parts information and more time on the work required. Additionally, standardized material descriptions are key to support e-procurement (source-to-pay) initiatives ensuring clear understanding and communications with your business partners. With Sphera’s Data Governance solution, you can be confident that your MRO inventory is under control.   

Data Governance
Data Governance

Reduce Financial Waste

To avoid the costs associated with ordering the wrong parts or parts you already have, you need reliable parts information. Without it, you can incur costs through last-minute orders that need to be expedited. Or you may find that your last-minute order can only be filled by a non-compliant supplier, and this increases risk. Sphera’s Data Governance solution helps you avoid these costly issues.  

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Quickly find MRO, materials, services, products & finished goods.

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