Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Optimize and maintain your MRO materials master to ensure reliable operations.

Operational Risk

Achieving MRO Supply Chain Excellence

Sphera leverages a unique set of MRO data methodologies, software, content, and community of experts to help you deliver the right part, in the right quanity, at the right time, to the right specifications, for the right price. Align your maintenance and reliability with your operations goals for sustainable growth.

Proven methodologies, software, content and expertise


MRO Videos Part 1: Standard Modifier Dictionary

  • Reduce cost and MRO inventory and raise efficiencies
  • Adopt a single enterprise view of MRO master data
  • Increase MRO supply chain efficiency and promote proactive maintenance
  • Develop strategy for MRO supply chain process improvement
  • Integrate data optimization software tools with ERP/EAM systems
  • Improve asset availability and visibility
  • Enable proactive maintenance initiatives to prevent asset failures and worker injuries

Explore Molson Coors Brewing Company’s approach to MRO data optimization:

This webinar examines their journey to operational excellence from an enterprise footprint that included multiple sites and SAP instances, data in several languages, and more than 250,000 material records.


MRO Video Demo Series

Improve visibility, raise efficiencies and promote proactive maintenance.

  • Part 1: Standard Modifier Dictionary
  • Part 2: Item Search & Maintenance
  • Part 3: Workflow
  • Part 4: QA Reporting
  • Part 5: Struxure - ERP and EAM Integration
Watch the Series

Successfully implementing MRO

Sphera offers proven methodologies, software, content and expertise for achieving MRO Supply Chain Excellence.

Standard Modifier Dictionary

  • Sphera's SMD is the most widely used methodology for characterizing MRO master data.
  • It is a highly respected classification schema that offers optimized templates and consistent and repeatable rules designed specifically characterizing MRO inventory.

Sphera Struxure

  • Our best in-class data governance software for sustaining your MRO master data optimization efforts long-term.
  • Struxure enforces the rules and best practices necessary for creating and maintaining standardized and comprehensive MRO item descriptions.

MRO Data Optimization

  • Sphera can help you seamlessly integrate Struxure and SMD into various ERP and EAM systems and dynamically synchronize your MRO data.
  • This ensures improved consistency, visibility, and execution across levels of operational complexity by streamlining cross-functional workflows.

MRO Data Governance

  • Sphera subject matter experts provide on-going, integrated data governance services to our clients via a SaaS deployment of Struxure, the SMD and customized workflow to ensure continued compliance along with the identification of potential duplicate part requests and recommendations for substitutes.

Hear from our Customers

“Sphera fit our criteria for a vendor with yeaers of MRO- Focused experience. When we saw that Struxure would enable us to do everything we wanted to do electronically – and that it integrated with SAP ERP – the decision was a no-brainer.”

“With Sphera, we have a robust MRO master data governance solution that enables us to sustain data quality and boost operational performance on an ongoing basis to support our long-term success in MRO supply chain management. We’re continually coming up with new ways to leverage the uniform Sphera Struxure catalog manager tool to achieve our corporate objectives.”

“Our goal was to build an MRO database as we moved into SAP with the minimum number of records, and with the greatest level of consistency and accuracy. With that acheived, all users in the company will save a few seconds and minutes here and there, collectively saving hundreds of hours.”

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