Occupational Risk Software 

Proactively manage process- and task-related occupational risks.

Identify and Assess Occupational Risks with Sphera’s Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Tool

Sphera’s Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), also referred to as Job Safety Analysis (JSA), is a risk assessment software solution used to analyze occupational hazards from procedures performed within a facility or on site. With JHA, you can identify discrete and connected causal factors for accidents and take action to prevent them from reoccurring.

Comprehensive Tracking and Analysis 

Sphera’s centralized Occupational Risk Assessment software, configurable methodologies and risk assessment workflows will give your organization a complete picture of your occupational-related risks. It will help your team standardize the recording of risk assessment data and ensure that proper tracking and controls are used consistently. 

Proactive Risk Identification and Mitigation 

Shareholders, employees and regulators demand strong controls. Your organization needs to establish and demonstrate proactive identification and assessment of risk, well-maintained controls, and regular sharing of risk-related information. With JHA, you’ll establish clear standards for the identification of potential accidents and be able to prove the efficacy of your prevention processes. 

Risk-Based Decision Making

Improved visibility helps you keep your teams safe and your assets secure. It enables proactive risk mitigation by providing the information needed for sound risk-based decision-making and improved safety performance. 

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