Process Safety Management

Comprehensively identify and assess risk across your organization. 

Ensure Process Safety with a Thorough Understanding of Risk Factors

Ensure the safety of your processes with our Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) software, which supports both Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) and “What If” methodologies. Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Bowtie tools offer an even deeper understanding to help you manage independent and interconnected risks. 

Process Safety Management

Standardize and Assess All Sources of Risk 

Hidden vulnerabilities can combine to trigger significant failures. That’s why your organization needs to establish comprehensive means for proactively identifying and assessing risk, sharing risk-related information and maintaining controls. Sphera’s Process Safety Risk Assessment software precisely performs this role. It helps your organization standardize and track complete risk assessment data, while ensuring proper controls are in place.   

Eliminate Process and Resource Inefficiencies

Standard tools that generate hazard scenarios in a formulaic, cookie-cutter manner often overload resources to unproductive areas. Sphera’s hazard identification and risk assessment solution provides more comprehensive analysis to help you ensure that all operational risks are adequately staffed.  Our solution also helps you improve the quality of data collected to optimize your risk management effort.  

Process Safety Management
Process Safety Management

Analyze Root Causes and Implement Corrective Actions

Supporting a comprehensively hazard identification and risk assessment method, Sphera solutions produce metrics and analysis that improve diagnostic accuracy. This means that system users and managers are directed quickly to the distinct (and connected) areas that require attention and remedial action. By allocating resources more efficiently, you strengthen your ability to protect your people and assets.

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