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Evolve From Compliance to Performance.

Turn Your Data Into Insights and Action.

The collection and validation of thousands of environmental data for air, water and waste, and the compilation of sustainability and regulatory reports is a resource-intensive process, particularly for large and globally operating businesses. Progress is monitored by the public and industry alike – and therefore, must be documented and fully auditable.

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Turn Your Environmental Data Into Insights and Strategic Action.

Our software is built to create a traceable system for environmental data collection, file regulatory reports, predict performance, and rapidly intervene when necessary to help mitigate risk.

Air/GHG Emissions software

Brings high transparency to a company’s emissions calculation and helps ensure compliance with a single, traceable corporate system of record for emissions and operations data.

Water Emissions Management

Helps organizations manage large amounts of sampling data associated with wastewater discharge permits.

Waste Management

Supports organizations to comply more easily and efficiently with stringent regulations regarding waste volume, shipping, and tracking of final waste disposal.

Refrigerant Compliance Management

Track usage, repairs and disposal to help comply with Title VI, Clean Air Act, Toxic Release Inventory, California AB 32, Federal Halocarbon and other refrigerant compliance regulations.

How SpheraCloud Can Help Simplify Emissions Management and Compliance

Find out why industry leaders choose Sphera for Environmental Accounting.

Improve Transparency.

Work with visual models of the formula, intermediate calculation values, and raw measurement data. Correct erroneous data in real-time and see the immediate impact on your calculations, leading to more transparency.

environmental compliance software

Streamline Data Collection and Reporting

Provides multiple methods of data collection: Enter parameter value data via forms, automated batch processing, or manually import data via drag and drop, andfeed into your corporate reporting tools.

environmental compliance software

Standardize Processes

Designed to provide centrally-managed, standardized and asset-specific calculation methodologies.

environmental compliance tools

Transform Data Into Insights

Delivers advanced insights to help you benchmark and optimize asset performance.

Environmental Accounting Software

Moving From Environmental Compliance to Environmental Performance

Compliance will be even more challenging in the future and spread into various EHS&S areas of a company. Be up-to-date about the challenges and how to respond to them.

Need for Digitalization and Advanced Software Tools is Understood

84% of EHS executives seek to adopt EHS software for environmental compliance.

How Sphera Can Make a Difference

In a recent Verdantix report (Verdantix EHS Software Benchmark Report 2021) our solution achieved the highest score in environmental compliance management.

Environmental Risks Are Growing

Today, 75% of global waste ends up in landfills, inflicting enormous costs.¹ WHO data shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits on pollutants that rise from smog and smoke. And by 2030 the gap between water supply and demand could reach 40 %.²

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Turn Data Into Insights

Companies are struggling to move from compliance to performance while running through the reporting cycles. Learn how to make a difference.

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Verdantix Industry Report Results

New research shows businesses are taking an important step toward a more sustainable future through digitalization.

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Digitalization in Sustainability Trend

Verdantix’s “EHS Software Benchmark” indicates that digitalization has gained traction for environmental and sustainability solutions.

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