Emission Factor Libraries

Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor sources in the world

Enhance and Simplify Your Corporate Sustainability Management and Reporting

Emission factors form the backbone of any sustainability report and their correct application can be quite challenging. There are different data sources, with varying methodologies and update cycles. In addition, reporting and thus emission factor requirements differ, depending on the stakeholders involved and the specifications from various sustainability disclosure standards.

Our Corporate Sustainability Impact Libraries (former SoFi Libraries) enhance accounting for Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) based on standard emission factor sources, like Defra, IEAEPA, IPCC and GHG Protocol. In our GaBi library, we provide more than 1500 emission factors that have been calculated in-house, based on more than 25 years of LCA modelling experience. Apart from GHG accounting, our impact library section is flexible to report on any other impact category, such as NOx, Sox, Particulate Matter (PM), Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Acidification Potential (AP) and the like, as required for example in the GRI disclosure 305-7.

Emission Factor Libraries

Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability Provides the Most Relevant Emission Factor Sources as Standard Content:

  • Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
  • IEA (International Energy Agency)
  • GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  • Life Cycle Assessment Data
  • EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Residual mix factors based on AIB and Green-e

Top Benefits of Corporate Sustainability Impact Libraries

Simplify and Enhance Your Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reporting

You can account for your scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions as well as other impact categories easily and in a comprehensive way. Based on the included GaBi content, you can cover additional impact categories, such as NOx, Particulate matter (PM) and Volatile organic compounds (VOC), without additional effort.

Comprehensive Libraries of Emission Factors with Regular Updates

The Corporate Sustainability Impact Libraries include emission factors from a variety of different sources. Annual updates provided through our Sphera Corporate Sustainability connection center ensure that you always apply the correct factors to the respective consumption data. Our customers are informed automatically about the availability of a new update and can decide if they wish to load the new emission factors.

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