CSRD Readiness & Reporting Consulting Services

Turn CSRD compliance obligations into fuel for your ESG performance.

Unlock the Power of CSRD Compliance and Reporting

With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), the European Union is anchoring ESG reporting in companies’ day-to-day business. By incorporating the management of ESG-related risks and opportunities into their strategy, companies can build a scientifically sound foundation for sustainable transformation and success. However, satisfying CSRD requirements can be daunting. Accurate reporting depends on extensive methodological knowledge, a broad set of resources and centralized, scalable reporting tools.

Sphera’s sustainability and ESG experts help your organization address CSRD challenges with a modular project approach. We tailor each phase to your organization’s maturity level and specific needs. To prepare our clients for CSRD, we draw on our strategic insights from more than 30 years of consulting experience in sustainability and ESG. Our expertise is supported by in-house software solutions and industry-specific databases.

Assess the Status Quo and Identify Gaps

To effectively prepare for and comply with CSRD reporting obligations, companies must first understand the impact of this regulation. Organizations can then create awareness, assess the status quo and identify any gaps.

Sphera’s sustainability consultants will guide you through each step of the CSRD maturity process. Together, we evaluate your existing sustainability roadmap, as well as governance and reporting processes, against the CSRD requirements. You gain an overview of your organization’s CSRD readiness and can identify needed resources. We also support you with the implementation of EU Taxonomy reporting requirements for CSRD alignment.

Set Priorities and Develop Your CSRD Implementation Roadmap

A double materiality assessment in accordance with the ESRS helps your company prioritize and address identified material gaps effectively. Sphera’s experts support you in all phases of the complex assessment process and enable additional strategic benefits.

We support and ensure your implementation of mandatory requirements and metrics such as ESRS E1 Climate Change.  With our advanced life cycle assessment (LCA) data, along with deep industry and methodological expertise, we can help your company quantify its emissions baseline across the value chain (Scope 1, 2 and 3). Additionally, we assist you in setting robust and achievable reduction targets. Our consultants also help you develop feasibility studies to identify and quantify decarbonization levers for reporting under ESRS/CSRD.

Let Expertise and Software Drive Your CSRD Reporting Success

To prepare for mandatory sustainability reporting, companies need to make sure that they have captured all relevant data. In addition, ESRS requirements include digitization and third-party assurance.

With SpheraCloud® Corporate Sustainability software, you can efficiently collect and manage ESG data. Additionally, you can establish effective internal controls to ensure reliable reporting in line with CSRD.

Is CSRD compliance weighing on your shoulders? Let Sphera’s sustainability consultants lighten your load by guiding and supporting you through every step of the reporting cycle.

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