Spark II Debuts at Inspire 2019

Spark II Debuts at Inspire 2019

By | May 13, 2019

The new Spark is here!

Last week at our inspire conference we launched the second edition of Spark magazine to the 400-plus people in attendance in San Antonio.

Spark, Spring 2019

Spark, as you probably know, is the new Sphera workplace safety and risk publication, which launched in November 2018 to rave reviews. It is not your typical Environmental Health & Safety magazine. Spark tackles compelling safety-related topics that go beyond our regular focus and combine that information with thought leadership from Sphera’s plethora of experts. We pair all that with fun and engaging feature articles.

The second edition of Spark won’t disappoint in that regard. In this edition’s cover story, “Virtually a Reality,” we take a deep dive into a key development in workplace safety: namely the emergence of virtual, augmented and mixed reality in the safety space.

As the article states, “Many people still see VR and AR as child’s play, but please don’t read that as a pejorative. The reality is we’re entering a new era where computer software will help bring about advancements in so many areas, and that includes training for workplace safety as well as many other potential safety-related applications. So repeat after me: There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun.”

The magazine also features an exclusive interview with Dr. Robert Ballard, a nautical explorer who is famous for finding the Titanic back in 1985. Ballard was the keynote speaker at inspire, and he has a lot to say about numerous EHS-related topics that you won’t want to miss.

There’s also a cool look at safety in the world of illusion as Spark talks to British magician Jamie Allan about risky magic tricks.

And, of course, there’s a lot of great insight, too. Chris Homer, Sphera’s group vice president of EHS solutions, global alliances and government strategy, discusses the beginnings of Hazard Material Management Systems (HMMS). Also, Sphera’s chief technology officer, Perry Marchant, gives his take on security issues for cloud computing, and much more.

There’s something for everyone in the new edition of Spark. With a surfeit of columns, features and department items dedicated to risk- and safety-related issues, we know you’ll enjoy it.

You can read the full issue at and the first issue, too. You can sign up to receive notifications about future issues as well. You’ll also find our documentary on the making of Spark there that we hope you’ll check out and enjoy!

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