Emergency Preparedness & Response

Things can go wrong. Be prepared to respond when it matters most.

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Being prepared and ready to respond can make all the difference

Sphera’s Emergency Preparedness & Response software ensures your workers can seamlessly move from day-to-day operations to emergency response mode all on the same tool. With quick access to response plan information as events unfold, your team can rapidly assess the situation and respond appropriately.

See the Big Picture, Fast

Sphera’s Operational Risk Management software solution delivers a single, shared view of the operational reality. It arms everyone with the right information, at the right time, so they can make more-informed, effective operational decisions. As part of the solution, Emergency Preparedness & Response is the first connected, digital offering of its kind. It can seamlessly connect your operational systems, data, and business processes to your operational reality.

Sphera's Emergency Preparedness & Response solution provides a central location for process safety emergency response scenarios. You can create pre-configured emergency scenarios, integrate with live conditions, manage and audit the response, enable compliance auditing, and record improvement actions to help your teams know how to respond when it matters most: in an emergency. It helps plan various types of emergency drills, conduct them, analyze the response, and implement corrective actions.

Sphera provides the correct procedures and checklists to emergency response teams in real-time. It delivers relevant information about process parameters, activity details, and the status of process safety barrier impairments – such as the status of emergency shutdown valves, fire pumps, and escape routes – so teams are able to make decisions regarding risk mitigation, evacuation, transfer of material, etc.

Sphera's Emergency Prepardeness and Response

Be Prepared

  • Consolidate emergency scenario information in one centralized location
  • Plan drills to measure your teams’ response performance
  • Prove regulatory compliance
  • Highlight when an emergency scenario is due for review. Update, approve, and record it for auditing purposes on a routine basis

W/360˚ Situational Awareness

  • Visualize all live and planned activities for easy identification of personnel exposure during emergency situations
  • See how abnormal conditions, like temporary defeats and performance deviations, impact risk levels in various work areas
  • See which process safety barriers are impaired during work shifts and through specific work activities
  • Provide a single view of relevant information from other management systems, including weather and sea state information

To Respond Effectively

  • Receive immediate notification when conditions become abnormal
  • Quickly understand the nature and scale of an emergency
  • Quickly suspend work and notify frontline teams through their mobile devices
  • Provide your response teams with the information they need, including response plan checklists, reports, emergency scenarios, Material Safety Data (MSD) sheets, and more


Sphera’s Emergency Preparedness & Response can help keep your people and assets safe by ensuring everyone knows what’s happening, where it’s happening, and how to respond in an emergency. Are you ready to get started?

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