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Improve Decision-Making & Operational Performance with Sphera’s MDM for MRO Solutions.

Get a Handle on Your ​Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Master Data​

Getting the MRO supply chain right is a collaborative effort, necessary for reducing stockouts, overspending and wasted time looking for the right part. Companies at the cutting edge of Master Data Management are reducing the impact of risk by ensuring they have a unified, consistent view of their MRO spare parts data, including capital projects equipment, bill of materials (BoMs), and spare parts inventory.

Master Data Management software - mro software

Unify MRO Spare Parts Records Across the Enterprise

Sphera’s MDM for MROsoftware helps organizations improve decision-making and operational performance by globally structuring, visualizing, and managing data throughout its lifecycle. 

With a clean, consistent, de-duplicated view, managers can quickly find information and accurately assess materials and spending. And they can employ advanced analytics to improve their MRO program including procurement, inventory, supply chain relationships, and more.

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Establish a Sustained Approach to Reliable Data

mro software Collect and convert data into clean, structured and non-redundant records
Collect and convert data into clean records
mro software - Workflow to support efficient data governance
Enable efficient data governance
mro software - Find information quickly
Find information quickly
mro software - Analytics to improve procurement, inventory, supply chain relationships, expenditure management and more
Improve procurement, inventory, and more

Our MDM for MROSoftware Solutions

Our MDM for MRO Software helps improve decision-making and operational performance throughout the organization. Discover our solutions:

Data Finder

Use our robust technical dictionary, available in multiple languages, for field mapping, reference cataloging and searching.

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Data Transformation

Manage complex, multiregional data cleansing projects with options for onboarding, structuring, automated parsing and more. Learn more.

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Data Governance

Maintain data integrity with online rule-based workflows that route data to the right persons for completion and approvals.

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Analyze and report on inventory, spend and supply chain detail. Gather insights to improve purchasing, reduce costs and improve relationships.

Adapt Data Taxonomies With the Best-in-Class Standard Modifier Dictionary

Created expressly for MRO materials, parts, and equipment records, Sphera’s industry leading standard modifier dictionary offers thousands of MRO templates based on unique noun, modifier and technical characteristics. 

Improve the structure of your material catalogs with guidelines, definitions, sample values and synonyms. Link to classifications like UNSPSC codes, tax codes, and more. Sphera’s MRO dictionary is available in dozens of languages and is used by thousands of global organizations, plants, subsidiaries, partners and vendors.

Our experts have over 30 years of domain MRO master data cleansing services experience proven to help organizations with complex, multi-region projects.

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Master Data Management - mro software

Reduce Duplicate Sources and MRO Spare Parts Data with Sphera’s MDM for MRO Software

Sphera’s MRO software integrates with key management systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and provides advanced workflow capabilities and MRO master data services to help companies gain a comprehensive view of their data masters so they can make better decisions to improve safety and productivity.

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Discover the Value of Your Data​

While the ROI of Sphera’s solution can be measured in strategic improvements to purchase agreements, reduction in false stockouts and downtime – many organizations quickly eliminate storing large quantities of costly materials, optimize their inventory levels, and reduce the time needed to find critical information to keep assets safe and productive. 

Plug in your basic catalog data to see the savings your company could experience as a result of Sphera’s Master Data Management.

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Count on Sphera’s Managed MRO Services and Customer Care to Maximize Your Investment

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Minimal Disruption to Your Business

Quickly realize the value of your projects with lower overall risk and disruption to your business.

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Get the most from your investment when you upgrade and adapt your software to changing business needs.

  • Streamlined, no-hassle delivery execution of managed code upgrades​
  • Ad-hoc configuration and technical support​
  • Premier access to subject matter expertise​
  • Best practice e-learning to support your digital business process​

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