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Stakeholders are demanding more transparency into companies’ environmental and climate impacts.

Collecting data on air/greenhouse gas emissions and the management of water and waste is complicated given the sheer volume of data. Companies need a solution that collects and validates their data for an auditable record of environmental performance. The SpheraCloud® Environmental Accounting software has been named a market leader in analyst reports and has received awards from leading media outlets.

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Sphera’s ESG & Sustainability solutions are consistently recognized as industry leaders by prominent analyst and media outlets.

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Environmental data collection and validation is cumbersome and resource-intensive. SpheraCloud® Environmental Accounting can help simplify emissions management and compliance.

Learn what makes Sphera a consistent market leader.

Evolve environmental data from compliance to performance with a market-leading software solution.

Hear more about Sphera's award-winning capabilities.

SpheraCloud® Environmental Accounting provides a single source of truth for air/greenhouse gas emissions and water and waste management data, enabling transparent and audible reporting.

Find out how Sphera reduces calculation errors.

SpheraCloud® Environmental Accounting helps companies gain the efficiencies needed to comply with ESG reporting requirements. With near real-time environmental data and calculations, experts can focus on driving meaningful sustainability performance improvements.

Discover how the software reduces redundancy and improves transparency.
air emissions management

Turn Your Environmental Data into Insights and Strategic Action

Our software is built to create a traceable system for environmental data collection, file regulatory reports, predict performance and rapidly intervene when necessary to help mitigate risk.

Air/GHG Emissions software

Brings high transparency to a company’s emissions calculation and helps ensure compliance with a single, traceable corporate system of record for emissions and operations data.

Water Emissions Management

Helps organizations manage large amounts of sampling data associated with wastewater discharge permits.

Waste Management

Supports organizations to comply more easily and efficiently with stringent regulations regarding waste volume, shipping, and tracking of final waste disposal.

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Are you ready to evolve from environmental compliance to environmental performance?

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