Targets and Actions Software

Optimize your action tracking to meet your sustainability targets.

Set Targets, Analyze Performance and Take Action

Monitoring and improving the performance of sustainability data are key to achieving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. SpheraCloud Targets and Actions helps you go beyond the collection and management of your sustainability data. By adding concrete actions and KPIs based on your sustainability strategy and measuring the ongoing actions against these targets, it helps you implement efficient reduction strategies to track progress to net zero.  

Identify Gaps Between Defined Targets and Actual Performance    

Identify gaps and create actions and projects to improve business practices and sustainability performance. Each action comes with information such as associated cost, performance improvements, long-term cost savings, responsibility and timeline.

Understand Your Target Achievement Potential and Effectiveness  

The Target Achievement Analytics capability provides what-if scenarios and simulations of facility-level efficiency measures. A cost abatement report shows the most cost- and resource-efficient actions. A multi-year forecast analysis illustrates the expected resource consumption, the impact of the selected measures and the deviation of the forecast from previously set yearly targets.

Monitor Your Action Plan and Deliver on Expectations  

Targets and Actions offers the opportunity to plan and monitor your targets and actions with dedicated access control and task distribution. It allows users to see only targets and actions at their organizational levels and distinguish between contributors and project managers. An action overview report displays all action information, including the energy and cost savings achieved in a year, as well as a payback calculation.

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