Workflow Manager  

Simplify multi-level approval workflows for sustainability data collection.

Bring Greater Efficiency to Your Data Collection Efforts  

Sustainability data collection is challenging due to the complexity of the data to be collected, the involvement of various stakeholders and upcoming regulations (CSRD, ESG) that require companies to prove the accuracy of their data. With Sphera’s Workflow Manager, you can harmonize your data entry and validation processes with your organization’s internal approval processes. It provides full transparency of your data validation and approval steps. Your sustainability data is aggregated only after appropriate plausibility checks have been conducted to ensure that it is a reliable source for your emissions calculations and reporting.

Set Up Dynamic Workflows According to Your Business’ Processes

With Sphera’s Workflow Manager, sustainability teams can create custom workflows with an unlimited number of validation levels and include all necessary stakeholders (data collectors, validators, managers, etc.) to ensure that data is entered and validated properly for the next steps.

Automatic Messaging Supports Efficient and Timely Communication  

The Workflow Manager has a number of dedicated new message types that are automatically distributed to the responsible users along the workflow setup. The messages can be customized in title, text, attachments and images to comply with corporate needs. Additional information can be added and quickly sent, and, when needed, automatic overdue notifications can be created. All communication is logged accordingly, which increases transparency and trust within a team.

Gain Clarity Around Workflow Status and Tasks  

With the dedicated Workflow Management Area, you are always up to date and informed about the status of active workflows across your organization and assigned to you. You can also export the chronological workflow log to serve internal and external audit needs.

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