Supply Risk Network

A trusted collaborative hub for increasing visibility and maximizing supply chain risk management potential.

Access the Power of Network Collaboration

Companies work together to manage supply chain risks and gain multi-tier transparency via an innovative approach that benefits each of the participants.

Supply Risk Network

Achieve Synchronous Understandingof Supply Chain Risk

Cultivate risk awareness across a common supply base. With real-time notifications, you and your business partners learn of risk events anywhere in the network.

Gain Insights into Common Choke Points

Uncover threats early in shared supply chains and across the sub-tiers, including transport hubs, or risk-prone regions, to reduce or avoid emergency costs later.

Supply Risk Network
Supply Risk Network

Establish Common Resilience Goalswith Business Partners

Strengthen supply chain resilience in uncertain times. Through increased visibility, you also help your business partners avoid or recover from risk events.

Become a Supply Chain Leader and Innovator

Use advanced technologies to create a resilient supply chain. Establish your business as a supply chain leader among a growing community of global professionals and innovators.

Supply Risk Network
Supply Risk Network

Protect Your Resources and Your Bottom Line

Save time and money by automating time-consuming manual collection of risk information about your suppliers and your supply chain. Avoid contractual fines and penalties from missed deliveries.

Collectively Detect Supply Chain Risk Trends and Patterns

Verified information improves accuracy, objectivity and transparency, all of which increase the value of the information you share.

Supply Risk Network

Explore Other SCRM Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Risk Radar

Risk Radar profiles and monitors your supply network to reveal risk in real time. Be more risk aware, counter threats more proactively and avoid costs.

Impact Analyzer

Impact Analyzer helps you to minimize the business impact of risk by assessing suppliers’ criticality and detecting vulnerabilities at the category level. Adding impact dimensions like revenue and spend allows you to assess the extent of damage that a potential supplier failure could have on the supply chain. This also helps you select the suppliers that are best for your business.

Action Planner

Action Planner helps you collaborate across your organization and with your suppliers to orchestrate the tasks needed to both proactively and reactively mitigate risk. Use pre-built and customizable action plans, so you can quickly take action before incidents become critical.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment automates supplier and third-party assessment processes, enriches the evaluation of risk scores and integrates survey results into business partners’ risk profiles. Our versatile supply chain assessment tool simplifies supplier qualification and monitoring, improves data accuracy, reduces manual data collection and closes the risk feedback loop.

Sub-Tier Visibility

Sub-Tier Visibility visualizes the process of monitoring and alerting n-tier supply chains within the Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management solution. With supplier-validated supply sites, you can confidently map sub-tier dependencies and more accurately expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

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Supply Risk Network – a trusted hub

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