Process Hazard Analysis

Minimize Risk Exposure with the industry’s leading Process Hazard Analysis and HAZOP software tool.


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Manage Risk and Reduce your Potential of Unplanned Events

PHA-Pro is the most recognized and respected PHA & HAZOP tool assisting organizations with the implementation of risk studies easily and thoroughly.


Build on previous assessments to avoid wasting time and resources, retain valuable corporate knowledge and intellectual property, including past incidents.


Implement risk studies easily and thoroughly, resulting in a more responsive and efficient business process.


Customize preformatted standard PHA templates and leverage a myriad of features specific to processes to increase consistency across assessments.

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  • Part 1: Administrative Functions
  • Part 2: HAZOP Worksheets
  • Part 3: HAZOP Recommendations
  • Part 4: LOPA Templates
  • Part 5: PHA-Pro Reporting and Analytics
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How can you adopt a holistic approach for effective Process Safety Management?

Adopt a systematic approach designed to identify and analyze hazards, helping make decisions that improve safety.

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Improve your bottom line by optimizing expert time, minimizing work stoppages and reducing the potential for undersirable events.


Study Reduction Time by Applying Best Practices from Historical Data


Report Reduction Time Generating Reports and Analysis


More Cost Effective Conducting PHA Studies


  • Dynamic link of diagrams with worksheets
  • Professional reports exportable in HTML, MS Word, MS Excel
  • International support such as multi-language and right to left data entry
  • Enhanced AutoType and Copy features
  • Enhanced Release Management
  • Criticality Matrix
  • Linked HAZOP and LOPA templates
  • Recommendations Manager
  • Comprehensive knowledge libraries to shorten study time and leverage best practices

Learn from our experienced instructors

Improve your bottom line by optimizing expert time, minimizing work stoppages and reducing the potential for undesirable events.

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Risk Assessment Facilitation

We can help you supplement your in-house team with expert risk services. Our experts collectively have more than 150 years of experience helping clients achieve success in risk mitigation and quality management. We have a proven track record of helping clients meet strict regulatory requirements and industry standards and our commitment is to provide high quality, customized risk management consulting and engineering services on a timely, efficient and cost-effective basis.

Our facilitators have extensive experience in performing risk assessments based on any methodology including:

  • HAZOP, What-If
  • PHA Revalidation
  • Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Safety Integrity Levels (SIL)
  • Workplace Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Security and Vulnerability Analysis (SVA)

We Understand, Safety is Your Top Priority.

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Hear from our Customers

“PHA-Pro software has been and continues to be a tremendous asset to our internal review process for EHS. In addition to conducting the traditional reviews, it has allowed us to input our own set of questions. It has truly helped us with a starting point to providing consistent reviews for all of our processes.”

“The organization and ease of manipulation of the PHA-Pro screens makes it possible to keep everyone focused on the task and leads to faster and better results. In large studies that exted over several months, the software enables stopping and restarting multiple times by retaining a perfect memory of what has gone before.”

“My experience with PHA-Pro has been nothing but positive. The program itself is so user-friendly that I was able to teach myself how to use the program without any formal training. It is just a tool that is simple, yet it captures everything you need for a valid PHA and the technical support is excellent.”

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