World Recycling Convention 2023

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World Recycling Convention 2023

October 23-25, 2023

Recycle Today for A Better Tomorrow

Make sure to check out our session on LCA of Chemical Recycling!

World Recycling Convention 2023

The “World Recycling Convention” (Recycling Week 2023) meeting will take place in Madrid, Spain on October 23-25, 2023. With participation from various enthusiastic researchers including recycling specialists, environmental engineers, recycling experts, wastewater treatment researchers, climate experts, scientists, environmentalists, industry delegates and other related professionals from the field to attend this distinguished event which will be based on the theme “Recycle Today for A Better Tomorrow”.

World Recycling Convention is an exclusive International Recycling, Rubber, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Plastics Recycling, Printing and Packaging Industry Conference & Exhibition being held on an annual basis. The idea behind the conference not just to ensure bring the right people/industry stakeholders on board but also help to enhance and explore knowledge among Recycling and E-waste Management to establish corporations and exchanging ideas and also providing the right stage to present stimulating Keynote talks, B2B Meetings, Discussion Panels, Video Presentations so It will provide a deep understanding of social, environmental and technology, economic, trends driving the sustainability area and will help in implementing technology-driven results to key environmental problems.

Sphera at World Recycling Convention 2023

Sphera’s Jonas Karg, Associate Data Analyst will be giving a presentation titled. ” LCA of Chemical Recycling – Methodological Aspects and Practical Application.” Check out the summary of the session below.

Sphera sustainability consulting group (formerly part of thinkstep) is a globally renowned LCA practitioner, working with Sphera proprietary software Sphera LCA FE (formerly GaBi Software) and Sphera MLC Databases (formerly GaBi Databases).
LCA of chemical recycling has received more and more attention in the past years, with multiple studies in that field having been conducted by Sphera. In 2021 the Sphera sustainability consulting group contributed to the methodological discussion with a whitepaper, to high-light the need for alignment on certain methodological aspects to ensure a harmonized approach to LCA of chemical recycling.
Recently, Sphera was chosen as a partner by Chemical Recycling Europe to work on furthering the harmonization effort.
The presentation will provide the audience with a quick setting the scene for LCA in general and then focus on the methodological aspects relevant for LCA of chemical recycling as highlighted in the Sphera whitepaper. The presentation will further highlight recent work Sphera has done in that field, including development of LCA data derived from academic research.

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